Parvez, H.

Oxidative Stress and Neuroprotection

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Table of contents

1. Levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
S. Fahn

2. Changing dopamine agonist treatment in Parkinson’s disease: experiences with switching to pramipexole
H. Reichmann, P. Odin, H. M. Brecht, J. Köster, P. H. Kraus

3. The DONPAD-study — Treatment of dementia in patients with Parkinson’s disease with donepezil
T. Muüller, J. Welnic, G. Fuchs, H. Baas, G. Ebersbach, H. Reichmann

4. PD-related psychosis: pathophysiology with therapeutical strategies
E. Ch. Wolters

5. Antioxidant capacity in postmortem brain tissues of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases
E. Sofic, A. Sapcanin, I. Tahirovic, I. Gavrankapetanovic, K. Jellinger, G. P. Reynolds, T. Tatschner, P. Riederer

6. Apoptosis inhibition in T cells triggers the expression of proinflammatory cytokines — implications for the CNS
C. Scheller, P. Riederer, M. Gerlach, E. Koutsilieri

7. Molecular mechanism of the relation of monoamine oxidase B and its inhibitors to Parkinson’s disease: possible implications of glial cells
T. Nagatsu, M. Sawada

8. Involvement of type A monoamine oxidase in neurodegeneration: regulation of mitochondrial signaling leading to cell death or neuroprotection
M. Naoi, W. Maruyama, Y. Akao, H. Yi, Y. Yamaoka

9. The relationship of early studies of monoamine oxidase to present concepts
I. J. Kopin

10. Isatin, an endogenous MAO inhibitor, and a rat model of Parkinson’s disease induced by the Japanese encephalitis virus
M. Minami, N. Hamaue, M. Hirafuji, H. Saito, T. Hiroshige, A. Ogata, K. Tashiro, S. H. Parvez

11. Isatin interaction with glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, a putative target of neuroprotective drugs: partial agonism with deprenyl
A. Medvedev, O. Buneeva, O. Gnedenko, V. Fedchenko, M. Medvedeva, Y. Ivanov, V. Glover, M. Sandler

12. Inhibition of amine oxidases by the histamine-1 receptor antagonist hydroxyzine
J. O’Sullivan, M. I. O’Sullivan, K. F. Tipton, G. Davey

13. Neuroprotection for Parkinson’s disease
P. A. LeWitt

14. Marker for a preclinical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease as a basis for neuroprotection
Daniela Berg

15. Assessing neuroprotection in Parkinson’s disease: from the animal models to molecular neuroimaging in vivo
R. Ceravolo, P. Sgadò, D. Frosini, G. U. Corsini

16. Deprenyl: from chemical synthesis to neuroprotection
K. Magyar, M. Pálfi, V. Jenei, É. Szöko

17. The use of rasagiline in Parkinson’s disease
A. H. V. Schapira

18. Novel neuroprotective neurotrophic NAP analogs targeting metal toxicity and oxidative stress: potential candidates for the control of neurodegenerative diseases
H. Zheng, D. Blat, M. Fridkin

19. Acute and chronic effects of developmental iron deficiency on mRNA expression patterns in the brain
S. L. Clardy, X. Wang, W. Zhao, W. Liu, G. A. Chase, J. L. Beard, B. True Felt, J. R. Connor

20. Long lasting effects of infancy iron deficiency — Preliminary results
S. Yehuda, M. Yehuda

21. Altered regulation of iron transport and storage in Parkinson’s disease
E. C. Hirsch

22. Iron dyshomeostasis in Parkinson’s disease
J. Salazar, N. Mena, M. T. Núñez

23. Cerebral oligemia and iron influence in cerebral structures — element of Morbus Parkinson Models?
T. A. Sontag, C. Heim, W. Kolasiewicz, J. Horn, I. Pardowitz, K. H. Sontag

24. Impact of selenium, iron, copper and zinc in on/off Parkinson’s patients on L-dopa therapy
G. A. Qureshi, A. A. Qureshi, S. A. Memon, S. H. Parvez

25. Metal specificity of an iron-responsive element in Alzheimer’s APP mRNA 5'untranslated region, tolerance of SH-SY5Y and H4 neural cells to desferrioxamine, clioquinol, VK-28, and a piperazine chelator
S. Bandyopadhyay, X. Huang, H. Cho, N. H. Greig, M. B. Youdim, J. T. Rogers

26. Green tea catechins as brain-permeable, non toxic iron chelators to “iron out iron” from the brain
S. Mandel, O. Weinreb, L. Reznichenko, L. Kalfon, T. Amit


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