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Operative Neuromodulation

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Table of contents

1. An introduction to neural networks surgery, a field of neuromodulation which is based on advances in neural networks science and digitised brain imaging
Damianos E. Sakas, I. G. Panourias, B. A. Simpson

2. Management of chronic severe pain: cerebral neuromodulatory and neuroablative approaches
Ahmed M. Raslan, S. McCartney, K. J. Burchiel

3. Extradural cortical stimulation for central pain
Sergio Canavero, V. Bonicalzi

4. Motor cortex stimulation for neuropathic pain
Yves Lazorthes, J. C. Sol, S. Fowo, F. E. Roux, J. C. Verdié

5. Motor cortex stimulation for chronic non-malignant pain: current state and future prospects
Beatrice Cioni, M. Meglio

6. Stimulation of primary motor cortex for intractable deafferentation pain
Youichi Saitoh, T. Yoshimine

7. Cathodal, anodal or bifocal stimulation of the motor cortex in the management of chronic pain?
J. Holsheimer, J. -P. Nguyen, J. -P. Lefaucheur, L. Manola

8. Somatosensory cortex stimulation for deafferentation pain
Dirk Ridder, G. Mulder, E. Verstraeten, S. Sunaert, A. Moller

9. Localization of precentral gyrus in image-guided surgery for motor cortex stimulation
W. Tirakotai, D. Hellwig, H. Bertalanffy, Thomas Riegel

10. Anatomical and physiological basis, clinical and surgical considerations, mechanisms underlying efficacy and future prospects of cortical stimulation for pain
Benoit Pirotte, P. Voordecker, J. Brotchi, M. Levivier

11. Chronic electrostimulation of the trigeminal ganglion in trigeminal neuropathy: current state and future prospects
Jan H. Mehrkens, U. Steude

12. Neuromodulatory approaches to the treatment of trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias
Peter J. Goadsby

13. Deep brain stimulation for neuropathic pain
S. L. F. Owen, A. L. Green, D. D. Nandi, R. G. Bittar, S. Wang, Tipu Z. Aziz

14. Surgical considerations in movement disorders: deep brain stimulation, ablation and transplantation
P. R. Schuurman, D. A. Bosch

15. Deep brain stimulation and chemical neuromodulation: current use and perspectives for the future
C. Hamani, J. S. Neimat, Andres M. Lozano

16. GDNF delivery for Parkinson’s disease
N. K. Patel, Steven S. Gill

17. Neuronal networks of the basal ganglia and the value of recording field potentials from them
Kostas N. Fountas, J. R. Smith

18. Technical aspects and considerations of deep brain stimulation surgery for movement disorders
Damianos E. Sakas, A. T. Kouyialis, E. J. Boviatsis, I. G. Panourias, P. Stathis, G. Tagaris

19. Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease
Jürgen Voges, A. Koulousakis, V. Sturm

20. Neuromodulation of prelemniscal radiations in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
José Damián Carrillo-Ruiz, F. Velasco, F. Jiménez, A. L. Velasco, M. Velasco, G. Castro

21. Deep brain stimulation for torsion dystonia
Ron L. Alterman, B. J. Snyder

22. Deep brain stimulation for treatment of cervical dystonia
Joachim K. Krauss

23. Subthalamic nucleus stimulation for primary dystonia and tardive dystonia
Bomin Sun, S. Chen, S. Zhan, W. Le, S. E. Krahl

24. DBS in Tourette syndrome: rationale, current status and future prospects
V. Visser-Vandewalle

25. Extradural cortical stimulation for movement disorders
Sergio Canavero, V. Bonicalzi

26. Motor cortex stimulation for Parkinson’s disease
Beatrice Cioni

27. Stereotactic stimulation of the anterior lobe of the cerebellum in cerebral palsy from a suboccipital approach
Miroslav Galanda, S. Horvath

28. Electrical stimulation devices in the treatment of epilepsy
Steven Karceski

29. Brain stimulation for epilepsy
W. H. Theodore, R. Fisher

30. Clinical experience with vagus nerve stimulation and deep brain stimulation in epilepsy
Paul Boon, V. Herdt, K. Vonck, D. Roost

31. Vagus nerve stimulation: indications and limitations
Sohail Ansari, K. Chaudhri, K. Moutaery

32. Vagus nerve stimulation for intractable epilepsy: outcome in two series combining 90 patients
Damianos E. Sakas, S. Korfias, C. L. Nicholson, I. G. Panourias, N. Georgakoulias, S. Gatzonis, A. Jenkins

33. Electrical stimulation and gene-based neuromodulation for control of medically-refractory epilepsy
A. V. Alexopoulos, V. Gonugunta, J. Yang, Nicholas M. Boulis

34. Rationale, mechanisms of efficacy, anatomical targets and future prospects of electrical deep brain stimulation for epilepsy
C. Pollo, Jean-Guy Villemure

35. Anatomical and physiological basis and mechanism of action of neurostimulation for epilepsy
Kristl Vonck, P. Boon, D. Roost

36. The role of neuromodulation of the hippocampus in the treatment of intractable complex partial seizures of the temporal lobe
Ana Luisa Velasco, F. Velasco, M. Velasco, F. Jiménez, J. D. Carrillo-Ruiz, G. Castro

37. Neurosurgical aspects of temporal deep brain stimulation for epilepsy
D. Roost, P. Boon, K. Vonck, J. Caemaert

38. Deep brain stimulation for treatment of the epilepsies: the centromedian thalamic target
Francisco Velasco, A. L. Velasco, M. Velasco, F. Jiménez, J. D. Carrillo-Ruiz, G. Castro

39. Anterior thalamic nucleus stimulation for epilepsy
U. Samadani, Gordon H. Baltuch

40. Cerebellar and thalamic stimulation treatment for epilepsy
Gregory L. Krauss, M. Z. Koubeissi

41. A novel closed-loop stimulation system in the control of focal, medically refractory epilepsy
Kostas N. Fountas, J. R. Smith

42. Neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders: from the excision of brain tissue to the chronic electrical stimulation of neural networks
Damianos E. Sakas, I. G. Panourias, E. Singounas, B. A. Simpson

43. Behavioural and physiological effects of electrical stimulation in the nucleus accumbens: a review
K. Kuyck, L. Gabriëls, P. Cosyns, L. Arckens, V. Sturm, S. Rasmussen, Bart Nuttin

44. Neuromodulation of the inferior thalamic peduncle for major depression and obsessive compulsive disorder
Fiacro Jiménez, F. Velasco, R. Salín-Pascual, M. Velasco, H. Nicolini, A. L. Velasco, G. Castro

45. Chronic high frequency stimulation of the posteromedial hypothalamus in facial pain syndromes and behaviour disorders
Angelo Franzini, C. Marras, G. Tringali, M. Leone, P. Ferroli, G. Bussone, O. Bugiani, G. Broggi

46. Vagus nerve stimulation for depression: rationale, anatomical and physiological basis of efficacy and future prospects
M. C. Park, M. A. Goldman, L. L. Carpenter, L. H. Price, Gerhard M. Friehs

47. Experimental and clinical aspects of the efferent auditory system
S. Girolamo, B. Napolitano, M. Alessandrini, E. Bruno

48. Functional outcome of auditory implants in hearing loss
S. Girolamo, A. Saccoccio, P. G. Giacomini, F. Ottaviani

49. Auditory brainstem implants: current state and future directions with special reference to the subtonsillar approach for implantation
Yojiro Seki, N. Samejima, A. Komatsuzaki

50. Auditory brainstem implants: past, present and future prospects
Francisco Javier Cervera-Paz, M. J. Manrique

51. Twenty-five years of auditory brainstem implants: perspectives
Johannes Kuchta

52. Auditory cortex stimulation for tinnitus
Dirk Ridder, G. Mulder, E. Verstraeten, M. Seidman, K. Elisevich, S. Sunaert, S. Kovacs, K. Kelen, P. Heyning, A. Moller

53. Implantable visual prostheses
Solon Thanos, P. Heiduschka, T. Stupp

54. Restoring visual perception using microsystem technologies: engineering and manufacturing perspectives
I. Krisch, B. J. Hosticka

55. A neuroprosthesis for restoring sight
M. V. Viola, Aristides A. Patrinos

56. Towards the bionic eye — the retina implant: surgical, opthalmological and histopathological perspectives
Nils Alteheld, G. Roessler, P. Walter

57. Motor cortex stimulation: role of computer modeling
Ljubomir Manola, J. Holsheimer

58. Computational models simulating electrophysiological activity in the basal ganglia
Konstantina S. Nikita, G. L. Tsirogiannis

59. Computational perspectives on neuromodulation of aging
Sverker Sikström

60. The periaqueductal grey area and the cardiovascular system
A. L. Green, S. Wang, S. L. F. Owen, Tipu Z. Aziz

61. Therapeutic potential of computer to cerebral cortex implantable devices
Kevin Warwick, M. N. Gasson, A. J. Spiers

62. Trimodal nanoelectrode array for precise deep brain stimulation: prospects of a new technology based on carbon nanofiber arrays
J. Li, Russell J. Andrews

63. Neural networks on chemically patterned electrode arrays: towards a cultured probe
W. L. C. Rutten, T. G. Ruardij, E. Marani, B. H. Roelofsen

64. Brain-computer interface: a reciprocal self-regulated neuromodulation
Efthymios Angelakis, A. Hatzis, I. G. Panourias, D. E. Sakas

65. Cicerone: stereotactic neurophysiological recording and deep brain stimulation electrode placement software system
S. Miocinovic, A. M. Noecker, C. B. Maks, C. R. Butson, Cameron C. McIntyre

66. StimExplorer: deep brain stimulation parameter selection software system
C. R. Butson, A. M. Noecker, C. B. Maks, Cameron C. McIntyre

67. Connections of the basal ganglia with the limbic system: implications for neuromodulation therapies of anxiety and affective disorders
P. Stathis, I. G. Panourias, M. S. Themistocleous, Damianos E. Sakas


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