Calisher, Charles H.

Infectious Diseases from Nature: Mechanisms of Viral Emergence and Persistence

Calisher, Charles H. - Infectious Diseases from Nature: Mechanisms of Viral Emergence and Persistence, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Comments on the life and contributions of Robert E. Shope
R. B. Tesh

2. Virus perpetuation in populations: biological variables that determine persistence or eradication
N. Nathanson

3. The virus-immunity ecosystem
P. C. Doherty, S. J. Turner

4. Host range, amplification and arboviral disease emergence
S. C. Weaver

5. Regulation of Rodent-Borne viruses in the natural host: implications for human disease
J. N. Mills

6. Population dynamics of RNA viruses: the essential contribution of mutant spectra
E. Domingo, C. Gonzalez-Lopez, N. Pariente, A. Airaksinen, C. Escarmís

7. Control of arbovirus diseases: is the vector the weak link?
B. J. Beaty

8. Pathogenesis of Rift Valley fever virus in mosquitoes — tracheal conduits & the basal lamina as an extra-cellular barrier
W. S. Romoser, M. J. Turell, K. Lerdthusnee, M. Neira, D. Dohm, G. Ludwig, L. Wasieloski

9. The virulence of the 1918 pandemic influenza virus: unraveling the enigma
J. K. Taubenberger

10. The spread of the H5N1 bird flu epidemic in Asia in 2004
R. G. Webster, Y. Guan, L. Poon, S. Krauss, R. Webby, E. Govorkova, M. Peiris

11. Transient or occult HIV infections may occur more frequently than progressive infections: changing the paradigm about HIV persistence
G. K. Sahu, T. McNearney, A. Evans, A. Turner, S. Weaver, J. C. Huang, S. Baron, D. Paar, M. W. Cloyd

12. Ehrlichia under our noses and no one notices
D. H. Walker

13. The role of reverse genetics systems in determining filovirus pathogenicity
S. Theriault, A. Groseth, H. Artsob, H. Feldmann

14. Structural biology of old world and new world alphaviruses
A. Paredes, S. Weaver, S. Watowich, W. Chiu

15. Species barriers in prion diseases — brief review
R. -A. Moore, I. Vorberg, S. -A. Priola1

16. Academic science and the business of vaccines
R. E. Johnston

17. Emerging infectious diseases: the public’s view of the problem and what should be expected from the public health community
J. M. Hughes


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