Wild, Klaus R. H.

Re-Engineering of the Damaged Brain and Spinal Cord

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Table of contents

A.. Evidence based neurorehabilitation

1. Evidence based medicine in neurological rehabilitation — a critical review
V. Hömberg

2. Quality management in traumatic brain injury (TBI) Lessons from the prospective study in 6.800 patients after acute TBI in respect of neurorehabilitation
K. R. H. Wild, P. Wenzlaff

3. Posttraumatic epilepsy with special emphasis on prophylaxis and prevention
C. A. Pagni, F. Zenga

4. Swallowing therapy — a prospective study on patients with neurogenic dysphagia due to unilateral paresis of the vagal nerve, Avellis’ syndrome, Wallenberg’s syndrome, posterior fossa tumours and cerebellar hemorrhage
M. Prosiegel, R. Höling, M. Heintze, E. Wagner-Sonntag, K. Wiseman

5. Impaired self-awareness after moderately severe to severe traumatic brain injury
G. P. Prigatano

6. Assessment of health-related quality of life in persons after traumatic brain injury — development of the Qolibri, a specific measure
N. Steinbuechel, C. Petersen, M. Bullinger

B.. Re-engineering of brain lesions

7. RNA editing: a molecular mechanism for the fine modulation of neuronal transmission
S. Barlati, A. Barbon

8. Inhibition of I?Ba phosphorylation prevents glutamate-induced NF-?B activation and neuronal cell death
M. Pizzi, I. Sarnico, F. Boroni, A. Benetti, M. Benarese, P. F. Spano

9. Reorganization of cerebral circuits in human brain lesion
R. J. Seitz, R. Kleiser, C. M. Bütefisch

10. Transcranial magnetic stimulation in neurorehabilitation
J. Liepert

11. Is there impairment of a specific frontal lobe circuit in head injury?
J. T. L. Wilson

12. Treating the aging brain: cortical reorganization and behavior
H. R. Dinse

13. The localization of central pattern generators for swallowing in humans — a clinical-anatomical study on patients with unilateral paresis of the vagal nerve, Avellis’ syndrome, Wallenberg’s syndrome, posterior fossa tumours and cerebellar hemorrhage
M. Prosiegel, R. Höling, M. Heintze, E. Wagner-Sonntag, K. Wiseman

14. Functional regeneration of the axotomized auditory nerve with combined neurotrophic and anti-inhibitory strategies
A. Gharabaghi, M. Tatagiba

15. Electrically evoked hearing perception by functional neurostimulation of the central auditory system
M. Tatagiba, A. Gharabaghi

16. Physiological recordings from electrodes implanted in the basal ganglia for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease. The relevance of fast subthalamic rhythms
G. Foffani, G. Ardolino, P. Rampini, F. Tamma, E. Caputo, M. Egidi, S. Cerutti, S. Barbieri, A. Priori

17. DBS therapy for the vegetative state and minimally conscious state
T. Yamamoto, K. Kobayashi, M. Kasai, H. Oshima, C. Fukaya, Y. Katayama

18. Deep brain stimulation for idiopathic or secondary movement disorders
H. M. Mehdorn, M. O. Pinsker, J. Volkmann, W. Hamel, B. Schrader, U. Stiller, J. Herzog, G. Deuschl

19. Extradural Motor Cortex Stimulation (EMCS) for Parkinson’s disease. History and first results by the study group of the Italian neurosurgical society
C. A. Pagni, M. G. Altibrandi, A. Bentivoglio, G. Caruso, B. Cioni, C. Fiorella, A. Insola, A. Lavano, R. Maina, P. Mazzone, C. D. Signorelli, C. Sturiale, F. Valzania, S. Zeme, F. Zenga

20. Endocrine dysfunction following traumatic brain injury: mechanisms, pathophysiology and clinical correlations
U. Samadani, I. Reyes-Moreno, M. Buchfelder

21. Taylored implants for alloplastic cranioplasty — clinical and surgical considerations
B. Hoffmann, A. Sepehrnia

22. Lessons from National and International TBI Societies and Funds like NBIRTT
G. A. Zitnay

C.. Re-engineering of spinal cord lesions

23. Brachial plexus surgery (Honorary lecture)
G. A. Brunelli

24. Results in brachial plexus palsy after biceps neuro-muscular neurotization associated with neuro-neural neurotization and teno-muscular transfer
T. Stamate, A. R. Budurca, A. N. Lazar, C. Tamas, M. Stamate

25. Macrophages and dendritic cells treatment of spinal cord injury: from the bench to the clinic
M. Schwartz, E. Yoles

26. Electrophysiological effects of 4-aminopyridine on fictive locomotor activity of the rat spinal cord in vitro
G. Taccola, A. Nistri

27. Alternative, complementary, energy-based medicine for spinal cord injury
L. Johnston

28. The effect of penile vibratory stimulation on male fertility potential, spasticity and neurogenic detrusor overactivity in spinal cord lesioned individuals
F. Biering-Søensen, L. Læsøe, J. Søksen, P. Bagi, J. B. Nielsen, J. K. Kristensen

29. Posttraumatic syringomyelia — a serious complication in tetra- and paraplegic patients
H. Jaksche, M. Schaan, J. Schulz, B. Bosczcyk

30. Functional neurorehabilitation in locked-in syndrome following C0–C1 decompression
K. R. H. Wild

31. Treatment options and results in cervical myelopathy
H. M. Mehdorn, M. J. Fritsch, R. U. Stiller

32. The treatment of the sacral pressure sores in patients with spinal lesions
T. Stamate, A. R. Budurca

D.. Neurological-neurosurgical-neurobehavioral rehabilitation

33. Phenomenological aspects of consciousness — its disturbance in acute and chronic stages
Tomio Ohta

34. Neuropsychological experiences in neurotraumatology
A. -L. Christensen

35. Team care in ICU — Psychotherapeutic aspects and taking care of family of patients with traumatic brain injury
H. Tritthart, H. Tritthart

36. Early clinical predictive factors during coma recovery
R. Formisano, U. Bivona, F. Penta, M. Giustini, M. G. Buzzi, P. Ciurli, M. Matteis, C. Barba, C. Della Vedova, V. Vinicola, F. Taggi

37. Predicting one year clinical outcome in traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the beginning of rehabilitation
W. S. Poon, X. L. Zhu, S. C. P. Ng, G. K. C. Wong

38. Severe brain injuries in children
A. V. Ciurea, T. Coman, L. Rosu, J. Ciurea, S. BAiasu

39. The locked-in syndrome: a challenge for therapy
J. León-Carrión, P. Eeckhout, M. R. Domínguez-Morales

E.. Addendum

40. WFNS committee for neurorehabilitation
K. R. H. Wild

41. Academia Multidisciplinaria Neurotraumatologica AMN
K. R. H. Wild

42. NBIRTT, the National Brain Injury Research, Treatment and Training Foundation
G. A. Zitnay


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