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Mathematical Methods in Counterterrorism

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Table of contents

1. Mathematical Methods in Counterterrorism: Tools and Techniques for a New Challenge
David L. Hicks, Nasrullah Memon, Jonathan D. Farley, Torben Rosenørn

Part I. Network Analysis

2. Modeling Criminal Activity in Urban Landscapes
Patricia Brantingham, Uwe Glässer, Piper Jackson, Mona Vajihollahi

3. Extracting Knowledge from Graph Data in Adversarial Settings
David Skillicorn

4. Mathematically Modeling Terrorist Cells: Examining the Strength of Structures of Small Sizes
Lauren McGough

5. Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Temporal Reasoning for Criminal Forensics
Abbas K. Zaidi, Mashhood Ishaque, Alexander H. Levis

6. Two Theoretical Research Questions Concerning the Structure of the Perfect Terrorist Cell
Jonathan David Farley

Part II. Forecasting

7. Understanding Terrorist Organizations with a Dynamic Model
Alexander Gutfraind

8. Inference Approaches to Constructing Covert Social Network Topologies
Christopher J. Rhodes

9. A Mathematical Analysis of Short-term Responses to Threats of Terrorism
Edieal J. Pinker

10. Network Detection Theory
James P. Ferry, Darren Lo, Stephen T Ahearn, Aaron M. Phillips

Part III. Communication/Interpretation

11. Security of Underground Resistance Movements
Bert Hartnell, Georg Gunther

12. Intelligence Constraints on Terrorist Network Plots
Gordon Woo

13. On Heterogeneous Covert Networks
Roy Lindelauf, Peter Borm, Herbert Hamers

14. Two Models for Semi-Supervised Terrorist Group Detection
Fatih Ozgul, Zeki Erdem, Chris Bowerman

Part IV. Behavior

15. CAPE: Automatically Predicting Changes in Group Behavior
Amy Sliva, V.S. Subrahmanian, Vanina Martinez, Gerardo Simari

16. Interrogation Methods and Terror Networks
Mariagiovanna Baccara, Heski Bar-Isaac

17. Terrorists and Sponsors. An Inquiry into Trust and Double-Crossing
Gordon H. McCormick, Guillermo Owen

18. Simulating Terrorist Cells: Experiments and Mathematical Theory
Lauren McGough

Part V. Game Theory

19. A Brinkmanship Game Theory Model of Terrorism
Francois Melese

20. Strategic Analysis of Terrorism
Daniel G. Arce, Todd Sandler

21. Underfunding in Terrorist Organizations
Jacob N. Shapiro, David A. Siegel

Part VI. History of the Conference on Mathematical Methods in

22. Personal Reflections on Beauty and Terror
Jonathan David Farley

Keywords: Computer Science, Probability and Statistics in Computer Science, Political Science, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Math Applications in Computer Science, Order, Lattices, Ordered Algebraic Structures, Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation

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