Boiso, Manuel Cepedello

Concrete Operators, Spectral Theory, Operators in Harmonic Analysis and Approximation

Boiso, Manuel Cepedello - Concrete Operators, Spectral Theory, Operators in Harmonic Analysis and Approximation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Some New Refined Hardy Type Inequalities with Breaking Points p = 2 or p = 3
S. Abramovich, L.-E. Persson

2. Non-negative Self-adjoint Extensions in Rigged Hilbert Space
Yury Arlinskiĭ, Sergey Belyi

3. Matrices with Bidiagonal Decomposition, Accurate Computations and Corner Cutting Algorithms
A. Barreras, J. M. Peña

4. Boundary-value Problems for Higher-order Elliptic Equations in Non-smooth Domains
Ariel Barton, Svitlana Mayboroda

5. Additive Maps Preserving the Inner Local Spectral Radius
M. Bendaoud, M. Sarih

6. On some Generalized Riemann Boundary Value Problems with Shift on the Real Line
L. F. Campos, A. B. Lebre, J. S. Rodríguez

7. Generalized Extremal Vectors and Some New Properties
Gilles Cassier, Jérôme Verliat

8. Weighted Composition Operators from the Analytic Besov Spaces to BMOA
Flavia Colonna, Maria Tjani

9. Some Remarks on Essentially Normal Submodules
Ronald G. Douglas, Kai Wang

10. Which Weighted Composition Operators are Complex Symmetric?
Stephan Ramon Garcia, Christopher Hammond

C*-algebras Generated by Truncated Toeplitz Operators
Stephan Ramon Garcia, William T. Ross, Warren R. Wogen

12. On Some Vector Differential Operators of Infinite Order
Sergey Gefter, Tetiana Stulova

13. Wiener–Hopf Type Operators and Their Generalized Determinants
James F. Glazebrook

14. Tauberian Operators. Properties, Applications and Open Problems
Manuel González

15. Products of Toeplitz and Hankel Operators on the Hardy Space of the Unit Sphere
Hocine Guediri

16. Three-dimensional Direct and Inverse Scattering for the Schrödinger Equation with a General Nonlinearity
Markus Harju, Valery Serov

17. The Cauchy Singular Integral Operator on Weighted Variable Lebesgue Spaces
Alexei Yu. Karlovich, Ilya M. Spitkovsky

18. Extension of Certain Distributions onWeighted Hölder Space and the Riemann Boundary Value Problem for Non-rectifiable Curves
Boris A. Kats

19. An Analogue of the Spectral Mapping Theorem for Condition Spectrum
G. Krishna Kumar, S. H. Kulkarni

20. Commutative Algebras of Toeplitz Operators on the Super Upper Half-plane: Quasi-hyperbolic and Quasi-parabolic Cases
M. Loaiza, A. Sánchez-Nungaray

21. Computing the Hilbert Transform in Wavelet Bases on Adaptive Grids
Frank Martin, Elias Wegert

σ-Campanato Estimates for Commutators of Calderón–Zygmund Operators
Katsuo Matsuoka

23. Composition Operators on Large Fractional Cauchy Transform Spaces
Yusuf Abu Muhanna, El-Bachir Yallaoui

24. Hankel Operators on Fock Spaces
A. Perälä, A. Schuster, J. A. Virtanen

25. Evolutionary Problems Involving Sturm–Liouville Operators
Rainer Picard, Bruce A. Watson

26. Crystal Frameworks, Matrix-valued Functions and Rigidity Operators
S. C. Power

27. Refined Size Estimates for Furstenberg Sets via Hausdorff Measures: A Survey of Some Recent Results
Ezequiel Rela

28. Singular Degenerate Problems Occurring in Atmospheric Dispersion of Pollutants
Aida Sahmurova, Veli B. Shakhmurov

29. Harmonic Spheres Conjecture
Armen Sergeev

30. Riesz Bases Multipliers
Diana T. Stoeva, Peter Balazs

31. Operator Approximation for Processing of Large Random Data Sets
Anatoli Torokhti

32. On Spectral Periodicity for the Sturm–Liouville Problem: Cantor Type Weight, Neumann and Third Type Boundary Conditions
A. A. Vladimirov, I. A. Sheipak

33. Spectral Analysis and Representations of Solutions of Abstract Integro-differential Equations in Hilbert Space
Victor V. Vlasov, Nadezda A. Rautian

Keywords: Mathematics, Operator Theory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Systems Theory, Control

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
Page amount
22 pages
Natural Sciences

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