Quesniaux, Valérie

IL-17, IL-22 and Their Producing Cells: Role in Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Quesniaux, Valérie - IL-17, IL-22 and Their Producing Cells: Role in Inflammation and Autoimmunity, ebook


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Table of contents

1. IL-17A Family, Receptors, Proinflammatory Effects, and Production
Franco Padova, Bernhard Ryffel, Valerie Quesniaux

2. IL-22 and IL-17: An Overview
Robert Sabat, Ellen Witte, Katrin Witte, Kerstin Wolk

3. IL-17 Receptor Family: Structure, Signal Transduction, and Function
Fang Shen

4. Contributions of IL-22 to TH17 Responses: Repairing and Protecting Peripheral Tissues
Jean-Christophe Renauld, Laure Dumoutier

5. Central Role of Th17 Cells in Adaptive Immune Responses
Franco Padova, Bernhard Ryffel, Valerie Quesniaux

6. Regulatory T cells Versus Th17: Differentiation of Th17 Versus Treg, Are They Mutually Exclusive?
Song Guo Zheng

7. Other Sources of IL-17: iNKT Cells
Marie-Laure Michel, Maria C. Leite-de-Moraes

8. Retinoic Acid in Mucosal Immune Regulation
Daniel Mucida, Hilde Cheroutre

9. Critical Role of IL-17 in Experimental Arthritis
Marije I. Koenders, Wim B. Berg

10. Dual Role of Th17 Cytokines, IL-17A,F, and IL-22 in Allergic Asthma
Bruno Schnyder, Silvia Schnyder-Candrian

11. Inflammasome: IL-1/IL-17 Response in Lung Inflammation
Isabelle Couillin, Dieudonnée Togbe, Mamdouh Sedhom, Marc Le Bert, Hana Čipčić Paljetak, Francois Erard, René Moser, Bernhard Ryffel

12. The Role of IL-17 in Experimental Autoimmune Myocarditis
Urs Eriksson

13. Th17 Cells in Transplantation: Actors or Innocent Bystanders?
Louis-Marie Charbonnier, Benoit Vokaer, Philippe Lemaître, Alain Le Moine

14. Is IL-17 Required to Control Tuberculosis?
Andrea M. Cooper

15. IL-17 and Mucosal Host Defense
Shabaana A. Khader, Jay K. Kolls

16. Role of IL-17 and IL-17 Family Cytokines on Tumor Development
Frédérique Végran, Hélène Berger, Lionel Apetoh

17. IL-17 and Th17 Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Conditions
Pierre Miossec

18. Targeting Th17 Cells for Therapy of Multiple Sclerosis
Aaron J. Martin, Stephen D. Miller

19. Involvement of Interleukin-17 Cytokines in Human Asthma
Anders Lindén

20. IL17 and/or IL22 as Potential Target(s) for Crohn’s Disease
Isabelle Wolowczuk, Benjamin Pariente, Matthieu Allez, Mathias Chamaillard

21. Role of IL-23, IL-17, and IL-22 in Psoriasis
Robert Sabat, Kerstin Wolk

22. Contribution of IL-22 to Experimental Skin Inflammation
Jean-Claude Lecron, Isabelle Paris, François-Xavier Bernard, Franck Morel

23. Genetic Mouse Models to Investigate IL-17 Responses
Andrew L. Croxford, Thorsten Buch

24. IL-17A as a Therapeutic Target for Autoimmune Diseases
Franco Padova, Jose Carballido

Keywords: Biomedicine, Immunology, Cytokines and Growth Factors, Receptors, Cell Biology, Infectious Diseases, Cancer Research

Publication year
Progress in Inflammation Research
Page amount
9 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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