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Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory

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Table of contents

1. Stefan G. Samko – Mathematician, Teacher and Man
V. Kokilashvili

2. The Role of S.G. Samko in the Establishing and Development of the Theory of Fractional Differential Equations and Related Integral Operators
Sergei V. Rogosin

3. Energy Flow Above the Threshold of Tunnel Effect
F. Ali Mehmeti, R. Haller-Dintelmann, V. Régnier

4. Some New Hardy-type Integral Inequalities on Cones of Monotone Functions
L. S. Arendarenko, R. Oinarov, L.-E. Persson

5. On a Boundary Value Problem for a Class of Generalized Analytic Functions
P. Berglez, T. T. Luong

6. The Factorization Problem: Some Known Results and Open Questions
Albrecht Böttcher, Ilya M. Spitkovsky

7. A Class of Sub-elliptic Equations on the Heisenberg Group and Related Interpolation Inequalities
Jianqing Chen, Eugénio M. Rocha

8. New Types of Solutions of Non-linear Fractional Differential Equations
Mark Edelman, Laura Anna Taieb

9. Stability, Structural Stability and Numerical Methods for Fractional Boundary Value Problems
Neville J. Ford, M. Luísa Morgado

10. On the Boundedness of the Fractional Maximal Operator, Riesz Potential and Their Commutators in Generalized Morrey Spaces
Vagif S. Guliyev, Parviz S. Shukurov

11. Existence of Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Singular Equations in Lorentz Spaces
L. Huang, K. Murillo, E. M. Rocha

12. Growth of Schrödingerian Subharmonic Functions Admitting Certain Lower Bounds
Alexander I. Kheyfits

13. The Riemann and Dirichlet Problems with Data from the Grand Lebesgue Spaces
V. Kokilashvili, V. Paatashvili

14. Overview of Fractional h-difference Operators
Dorota Mozyrska, Ewa Girejko

15. A Singularly Perturbed Dirichlet Problem for the Poisson Equation in a Periodically Perforated Domain. A Functional Analytic Approach
Paolo Musolino

16. Fractional Variational Calculus of Variable Order
T. Odzijewicz, A. B. Malinowska, D. F. M. Torres

17. Improving Bounds for Singular Operators via Sharp Reverse Höolder Inequality for A_infty
Carmen Ortiz-Caraballo, Carlos Pérez, Ezequiel Rela

18. Potential Type Operators on Weighted Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces
Vladimir Rabinovich

19. A Note on Boundedness of Operators in Grand Grand Morrey Spaces
Humberto Rafeiro

20. Operational Calculus for Bessel’s Fractional Equation
M. M. Rodrigues, N. Vieira, S. Yakubovich

21. The Dirichlet Problem for Elliptic Equations with VMO Coefficients in Generalized Morrey Spaces
Lubomira G. Softova

22. Riesz-Thorin-Stein-Weiss Interpolation Theorem in a Lebesgue-Morrey Setting
Salaudin M. Umarkhadzhiev

Keywords: Mathematics, Potential Theory, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Operator Theory

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
Page amount
8 pages
Natural Sciences

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