Grieser, Daniel

Microlocal Methods in Mathematical Physics and Global Analysis

Grieser, Daniel - Microlocal Methods in Mathematical Physics and Global Analysis, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Local Smoothing with a Prescribed Loss for the Schrödinger Equation
Hans Christianson, Jared Wunsch

2. Propagation Through Trapped Sets and Semiclassical Resolvent Estimates
Kiril Datchev, András Vasy

3. Space–Adiabatic Theory for Random–Landau Hamiltonian: Results and Prospects
Giuseppe Nittis

4. Microlocal Analysis of FIOs with Singularities
Raluca Felea

5. A Nonlinear Adiabatic Theorem for Coherent States
Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer, Rémi Carles

6. Adiabatic Limits and Related Lattice Point Problems
Yuri A. Kordyukov, Andrey A. Yakovlev

7. The Effective Hamiltonian in Curved Quantum Waveguides and When It Does Not Work
David Krejčiřík, Helena Šediváková

8. The Adiabatic Limit of the Laplacian on Thin Fibre Bundles
Jonas Lampart, Stefan Teufel

9. Adiabatic Limit with Isolated Degenerate Fibres
Richard B. Melrose

10. Microlocal Analysis and Adiabatic Problems: The Case of Perturbed Periodic Schrödinger Operators
Gianluca Panati

11. Recent Results in Semiclassical Approximation with Rough Potentials
T. Paul

12. On the Closure of Elliptic Wedge Operators
Juan B. Gil, Thomas Krainer, Gerardo A. Mendoza

13. Generalized Blow-Up of Corners and Fiber Products
Chris Kottke, Richard Melrose

14. Trace Expansions for Elliptic Cone Operators
Thomas Krainer, Juan B. Gil, Gerardo A. Mendoza

15. Spectral Geometry for the Riemann Moduli Space
Rafe Mazzeo

16. Invariant Integral Operators on the Oshima Compactification of a Riemannian Symmetric Space: Kernel Asymptotics and Regularized Traces
Pablo Ramacher, Aprameyan Parthasarathy

17. Pseudodifferential Operators on Manifolds with Foliated Boundaries
Frédéric Rochon

18. The Determinant of the Laplacian on a Conically Degenerating Family of Metrics
David A. Sher

19. Relatively Isospectral Noncompact Surfaces
Pierre Albin, Clara Aldana, Frédéric Rochon

20. Microlocal Analysis of Scattering Data for Nested Conormal Potentials
Suresh Eswarathasan

21. Equidistribution of Eisenstein Series for Convex Co-compact Hyperbolic Manifolds
Colin Guillarmou, Frédéric Naud

22. Lower Bounds for the Counting Function of an Integral Operator
Yuri Safarov

23. The Identification Problems in SPECT: Uniqueness, Non-uniqueness and Stability
Plamen Stefanov

24. Eigenvalues and Spectral Determinants on Compact Hyperbolic Surfaces
Alexander Strohmaier, Ville Uski

25. A Support Theorem for a Nonlinear Radiation Field
Dean Baskin, António Sá Barreto

26. Propagation of Singularities Around a Lagrangian Submanifold of Radial Points
Nick Haber, András Vasy

27. Local Energy Decay for Several Evolution Equations on Asymptotically Euclidean Manifolds
Dietrich Häfner, Jean-François Bony

28. Rayleigh Surface Waves and Geometric Pseudo-differential Calculus
Sönke Hansen

29. Topological Implications of Global Hypoellipticity
Gerardo A. Mendoza

30. Chern-Simons Line Bundle on Teichmüller Space
Sergiu Moroianu, Colin Guillarmou

31. A Simple Diffractive Boundary Value Problem on an Asymptotically Anti-de Sitter Space
Ha Pham

32. Quantization in a Magnetic Field
Radu Purice, Viorel Iftimie, Marius Măntoiu

33. Price’s Law on Black Hole Space-Times
Daniel Tataru

Keywords: Mathematics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds

Publication year
Trends in Mathematics
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9 pages
Natural Sciences

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