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Geometric Methods in Physics

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Table of contents

1. Felix Alexandrovich Berezin and His Work
Alexander Karabegov, Yuri Neretin, Theodore Voronov

2. Some Non-standard Examples of Coherent States and Quantization
S. Twareque Ali

3. Classical and Quantum Evolution on the Siegel-Jacobi Manifolds
Stefan Berceanu

4. Exhausting Formal Quantization Procedures
Vasily A. Dolgushev

5. On One Result of F. Berezin
Simon Gindikin

6. Berezin Quantization on Para-Hermitian Symmetric Spaces
Vladimir F. Molchanov

7. Remarks on Singular Symplectic Reduction and Quantization of the Angular Moment
V. P. Palamodov

8. Duality and the Abel Map for Complex Supercurves
Jeffrey M. Rabin

9. Berezin’s Coherent States, Symbols and Transform for Compact Kähler Manifolds
Martin Schlichenmaier

10. Physically Acceptable Solutions of an Eigenvalue Equation in Deformation Quantization
Jaromir Tosiek

11. A Classification Theorem and a Spectral Sequence for a Locally Free Sheaf Cohomology of a Supermanifold
E. G. Vishnyakova

12. Bogdan Mielnik: Contributions to Quantum Control
David J. Fernández C.

13. Partial Inner Product Spaces, a Unifying Language for Quantum Mechanics
Jean-Pierre Antoine

14. The Resonance-Decay Problem in Quantum Mechanics
Hellmut Baumgärtel

15. Geometry of the Set of Mixed Quantum States: An Apophatic Approach
Ingemar Bengtsson, Stephan Weis, Karol Życzkowski

16. Solution Hierarchies for the Painlevé IV Equation
David Bermúdez, David J. Fernández C.

17. The Marvelous Consequences of Hardy Spaces in Quantum Physics
Arno Bohm, Hai Viet Bui

18. Factorization Method and the Position-dependent Mass Problem
Sara Cruz y Cruz

19. Quantum Configuration Spaces of Extended Objects, Diffeomorphism Group Representations and Exotic Statistics
Gerald A. Goldin

20. Convex Geometry: A Travel to the Limits of Our Knowledge
Bogdan Mielnik

21. A Time of Arrival Operator on the Circle (Variations on Two Ideas)
Maciej Przanowski, Marcin Skulimowski, Jaromir Tosiek

22. Negative Time Delay for Wave Reflection from a One-dimensional Semi-harmonic Well
Oscar Rosas-Ortiz, Sara Cruz y Cruz, Nicolás Fernández-García

23. Characterizing Non-Markovian Dynamics
D. Chruściński, A. Kossakowski

24. Deformation Quantization of a Harmonic Oscillator in a General Non-commutative Phase Space: Energy Spectrum in Relevant Representations
Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Dine Ousmane Samary

25. Uniqueness Property for C
*-algebras Given by Relations with Circular Symmetry
B. K. Kwaśniewski

26. On Maximal R-split Tori Invariant under an Involution
Catherine A. Buell

27. Pencils of Conics as a Classification Code
Vladimir Dragović

28. Geodesic Mappings and Einstein Spaces
Irena Hinterleitner, Josef Mikeš

29. Racah Operators
R. S. Ismagilov

q-discord for Generalized Entropy Functions
Jacek Jurkowski

31. Pseudopotentials via Moutard Transformations and Differential Geometry
Sergey Leble

32. Proving the Jacobi Identity the Hard Way
Kirill Mackenzie

33. Löwner-Kufarev Evolution in the Segal-Wilson Grassmannian
Irina Markina, Alexander Vasil’ev

34. The pre-Maxwell Equations
Josef Mikeš, Sergey Stepanov, Marek Jukl

35. Serret’s Curves, their Generalization and Explicit Parametrizations
Ivaïlo M. Mladenov, Mariana Ts. Hadzhilazova, Peter A. Djondjorov, Vassil M. Vassilev

36. Harmonic Spheres Conjecture
Armen Sergeev

37. Lax Equations and the Knizhnik–Zamolodchikov Connection
Oleg K. Sheinman

38. Short-time Asymptotics for Semigroups of Diffusion Type and Beyond
Stanislav A. Stepin

39. Bureaucratic World: Is it Unavoidable?
Bogdan Mielnik

Keywords: Mathematics, Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds, Quantum Computing, Group Theory and Generalizations

Publication year
Trends in Mathematics
Page amount
19 pages
Natural Sciences

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