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Human Medical Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jan Schildmann, Verena Sandow, Oliver Rauprich, Jochen Vollmann

2. British Responses to Nazi Medical War Crimes
Fiona McClenaghan

3. History and its Relevance in the Development and Teaching of Research Ethics
Rael D. Strous

4. Human Embryo Research and Islamic Bioethics: A View from Iran
Mansooreh Saniei

5. From Farming to Pharming: Transcending of Bodily Existence as a Question of Medical Ethics in an Intercultural Context
Axel Siegemund

6. Rethinking the Therapeutic Obligation in Clinical Research
Nunziata Comoretto

7. Biomedical Research in Developing Countries and International Human Rights Law
Ilja R. Pavone

8. Research Involving Human Subjects and Human Biological Material from a European Patent Law Perspective. Autonomy, Commodification, Patentability
Tomasz Zimny

9. The Development and Validation of a Guide for Peruvian Research Ethics Committees to Assist in the Review of Ethical-Scientific Aspects of Clinical Trials
Susy Olave Quispe, Duilio Fuentes Delgado, Gabriela Minaya Martínez, Rosa Surco Ibarra, Martín Yagui Moscoso, Manuel Espinoza Silva, Juan Antonio Senent Frutos, Nuria Homedes

10. Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research: What can Ethics Contribute?
Verena Sandow, Jan Schildmann, Jochen Vollmann

11. Research Ethics in Genomics Research: Feedback of Individual Genetic Data to Research Participants
Annelien L. Bredenoord, Johannes J. M. Delden

12. Regulating “Higher Risk, No Direct Benefit” Studies with Children: Challenging the US Federal Regulations
Anna E. Westra, Jan M. Wit, Rám N. Sukhai, Inez D. Beaufort

13. A Paradigm Change in Research Ethics
Rieke Graaf, Johannes J. M. Delden

14. Translation of Cancer Molecular Biomarkers: Ethical and Epistemological Issues
Flavio D’Abramo, Cecilia Guastadisegni

15. Rethinking the Ethics of Human Biomedical Non-Interventional Research
Kristi Lõuk

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Theory of Medicine/Bioethics, Human Genetics, Biomedical Engineering

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15 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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