Béziau, Jean-Yves

Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition

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Table of contents

1. The New Rising of the Square of Opposition
Jean-Yves Béziau

2. Logical Oppositions in Arabic Logic: Avicenna and Averroes
Saloua Chatti

3. Boethius on the Square of Opposition
Manuel Correia

4. Leibniz, Modal Logic and Possible World Semantics: The Apulean Square as a Procrustean Bed for His Modal Metaphysics
Jean-Pascal Alcantara

5. Thinking Outside the Square of Opposition Box
Dale Jacquette

6. John Buridan’s Theory of Consequence and His Octagons of Opposition
Stephen Read

7. Why the Fregean “Square of Opposition” Matters for Epistemology
Raffaela Giovagnoli

8. Two Concepts of Opposition, Multiple Squares
John T. Kearns

9. Does a Leaking O-Corner Save the Square?
Pieter A. M. Seuren

10. The Right Square
Hartley Slater

11. Oppositions and Opposites
Fabien Schang

12. Pluralism in Logic: The Square of Opposition, Leibniz’ Principle of Sufficient Reason and Markov’s Principle
Antonino Drago

13. The Square of Opposition in Orthomodular Logic
H. Freytes, C. Ronde, G. Domenech

14. No Group of Opposition for Constructive Logics: The Intuitionistic and Linear Cases
Baptiste Mélès

15. The Square of Opposition and Generalized Quantifiers
Duilio D’Alfonso

16. Privations, Negations and the Square: Basic Elements of a Logic of Privations
Stamatios Gerogiorgakis

17. Fuzzy Syllogisms, Numerical Square, Triangle of Contraries, Inter-bivalence
Ferdinando Cavaliere

18. General Patterns of Opposition Squares and 2n-gons
Ka-fat Chow

19. The Cube Generalizing Aristotle’s Square in Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO)
Jean-Pierre Desclés, Anca Pascu

20. Hypercubes of Duality
Thierry Libert

21. How to Square Knowledge and Belief
Wolfgang Lenzen

22. Structures of Oppositions in Public Announcement Logic
Lorenz Demey

23. Logical Opposition and Collective Decisions
Srećko Kovač

24. A Metamathematical Model for A/O Opposition in Scientific Inquiry
Mark Weinstein

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, Logic, Mathematics, general

Publication year
Studies in Universal Logic
Page amount
10 pages
Natural Sciences

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