Ball, Joseph A.

Recent Progress in Operator Theory and Its Applications

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Table of contents

1. Exponential Decay of Semigroups for Second-order Non-selfadjoint Linear Differential Equations
Nikita Artamonov

2. Infinite Norm Decompositions of C*-algebras
F. N. Arzikulov

3. Canonical Transfer-function Realization for Schur-Agler-class Functions on Domains with Matrix Polynomial Defining Function in C^n

Joseph A. Ball, Vladimir Bolotnikov

4. Generalized Lax Pair Operator Method and Nonautonomous Solitons
T. L. Belyaeva, V. N. Serkin, Akira Hasegawa, Jingsong He, Yishen Li

5. Asymptotics of Individual Eigenvalues of a Class of Large Hessenberg Toeplitz Matrices
J. M. Bogoya, A. Böttcher, S. M. Grudsky

6. Real Berezin Transform and Asymptotic Expansion for Symmetric Spaces of Compact and Non-compact Type
Miroslav Engliš, Harald Upmeier

7. On Nonlocal C
*-algebras of Two-dimensional Singular Integral Operators
Yu. I. Karlovich, V. A. Mozel

8. The Riemann Boundary Value Problem on Non-rectifiable Curves and Fractal Dimensions
Boris A. Kats

9. Bloch Solutions of Periodic Dirac Equations in SPPS Form
K. V. Khmelnytskaya, H. C. Rosu

10. An Estimate for the Number of Solutions of a homogeneous Generalized Riemann Boundary Value Problem with Shift
Viktor G. Kravchenko, Rui C. Marreiros, Juan C. Rodriguez

11. On the Hyperderivatives of Dirac-hyperholomorphic Functions of Clifford Analysis
M. Elena Luna-Elizarrarás, Marco A. Macías-Cedeño, Michael Shapiro

12. On the Discrete Cosine Transform of Weakly Stationary Signals
Mauricio Martinez-Garcia

13. Scattering of a Plane Wave by “Hard-Soft” Wedges
J. Eligio Paz Méndez, Anatoli E. Merzon

14. Behavior of a Class of Second-order Planar Elliptic Equations with Degeneracies
Abdelhamid Meziani

15. Finite Sections of Band-dominated Operators on Discrete Groups
Vladimir S. Rabinovich, Steffen Roch

16. Joint Defect Index of a Cyclic Tuple of Symmetric Operators
Roger A. Roybal

17. Commutative Algebras of Toeplitz Operators on the Super Upper Half-plane: Super Parabolic Case
Armando Sánchez-Nungaray

18. Measure Characterization involving the Limiting Eigenvalue Distribution for Schrödinger Operators on S

María Ángeles Sandoval-Romero

19. Relations Among Various Versions of the Segal-Bargmann Transform
Stephen Bruce Sontz

20. Nonlinear Scattering in the Lamb System
Marco A. Taneco-Hernández

21. Toeplitz Algebras in Quantum Hopf Fibrations
Elmar Wagner

Keywords: Mathematics, Operator Theory, Functional Analysis, Several Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces, Functions of a Complex Variable, Partial Differential Equations

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
Page amount
9 pages
Natural Sciences

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