Coen, Salvatore

Mathematicians in Bologna 1861–1960

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Table of contents

1. Beltrami’s Models of Non-Euclidean Geometry
Nicola Arcozzi

2. Giuseppe Vitali: Real and Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry
Maria Teresa Borgato

3. Pincherle’s Early Contributions to Complex Analysis
Umberto Bottazzini

4. Luigi Cremona’s Years in Bologna: From Research to Social Commitment
Aldo Brigaglia, Simonetta Sieno

5. Federigo Enriques: The First Years in Bologna
Ciro Ciliberto, Paola Gario

6. Enrico Bompiani: The Years in Bologna
Ciro Ciliberto, Emma Sallent Del Colombo

7. Dario Graffi in a Complex Historical Period
Mauro Fabrizio

8. Pietro Burgatti and His Studies on Mechanics
Paolo Freguglia, Sandro Graffi

9. Federigo Enriques (1871–1946) and the Training of Mathematics Teachers in
Livia Giacardi

10. Beppo Levi and Quantum Mechanics
Sandro Graffi

11. Leonida Tonelli: A Biography
Angelo Guerraggio, Pietro Nastasi

12. Bruno Pini and the Parabolic Harnack Inequality: The Dawning of Parabolic Potential Theory
Ermanno Lanconelli

13. Federigo Enriques as a Philosopher of Science
Gabriele Lolli

14. The Enciclopedia delle Matematiche elementari and the Contributions of Bolognese Mathematicians
Erika Luciano

15. The Role of Salvatore Pincherle in the Development of Fractional Calculus
Francesco Mainardi, Gianni Pagnini

16. Tullio Viola and his Maestri in Bologna: Giuseppe Vitali, Leonida Tonelli and Beppo Levi
Clara Silvia Roero, Michel Guillemot

17. Developement of the Theory of Lie Groups in Bologna (1884–1900)
Enrico Rogora

18. Difference Equations in Spaces of Regular Functions: a tribute to Salvatore Pincherle
Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa

19. The Work of Beniamino Segre on Curves and Their Moduli
Edoardo Sernesi

20. Lamberto Cattabriga and the Theory of Linear Constant Coefficients Partial Differential Equations
Daniele C. Struppa

21. New Perspectives on Beltrami’s Life and Work – Considerations Based on his Correspondence
Rossana Tazzioli

22. On Cimmino Integrals as Residues of Zeta Functions
Sergio Venturini

Keywords: Mathematics, History of Mathematical Sciences

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