Ruzhansky, Michael

Modern Aspects of the Theory of Partial Differential Equations

Ruzhansky, Michael - Modern Aspects of the Theory of Partial Differential Equations, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Toeplitz Operators and Asymptotic Equivariant Index
L. Boutet Monvel

2. Boundary Value Problems of Analytic and Harmonic Functions in a Domain with Piecewise Smooth Boundary in the Frame of Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces
Vakhtang Kokilashvili

3. Edge-degenerate Operators at Conical Exits to Infinity
B.-Wolfgang Schulze

4. On a Method for Solving Boundary Problems for a Third-order Equation with Multiple Characteristics
Yusupjon P. Apakov

5. On Stability and Trace Regularity of Solutions to Reissner-Mindlin-Timoshenko Equations
George Avalos, Daniel Toundykov

6. Linearization of a Coupled System of Nonlinear Elasticity and Viscous Fluid
Lorena Bociu, Jean-Paul Zolésio

7. Some Results on the Identification of Memory Kernels
F. Colombo, D. Guidetti

8. A k-uniform Maximum Principle When 0 is an Eigenvalue
Genni Fragnelli, Dimitri Mugnai

9. Steady-state Solutions for a General Brusselator System
Marius Ghergu

10. Ordinary Differential Equations with Distributions as Coefficients in the Sense of the Theory of New Generalized Functions
Uladzimir U. Hrusheuski

11. A Boundary Condition and Spectral Problems for the Newton Potential
T. Sh. Kalmenov, D. Suragan

12. An Extremum Principle for a Class of Hyperbolic Type Equations and for Operators Connected with Them
I. U. Khaydarov, M. S. Salakhitdinov, A. K. Urinov

13. Numerical Investigations of Tangled Flows in a Channel of Constant and Variable Section at Presence of Recirculation Zone
S. Khodjiev

14. The Optimal Interior Regularity for the Critical Case of a Clamped Thermoelastic System with Point Control Revisited
Catherine Lebiedzik, Roberto Triggiani

15. Multidimensional Controllability Problems with Memory
Paola Loreti, Daniela Sforza

16. The Schrödinger Flow in a Compact Manifold: High-frequency Dynamics and Dispersion
Fabricio Macià

17. Optimality of the Asymptotic Behavior of the Energy for Wave Models
Michael Reissig

18. On Singular Systems of Parabolic Functional Equations
László Simon

19. Boundary-value Problems for a Class of Third-order Composite Type Equations
O. S. Zikirov

20. Shape-morphic Metric, Geodesic Stability
Jean-Paul Zolésio

Keywords: Mathematics, Analysis, Partial Differential Equations

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
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7 pages
Natural Sciences

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