Savage, Martha K.

Seismogenesis and Earthquake Forecasting: The Frank Evison Volume II

Savage, Martha K. - Seismogenesis and Earthquake Forecasting: The Frank Evison Volume II, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Martha K. Savage, David A. Rhoades, Euan G. C. Smith, Matthew C. Gerstenberger, David Vere-Jones

2. First Results of the Regional Earthquake Likelihood Models Experiment
Danijel Schorlemmer, J. Douglas Zechar, Maximilian J. Werner, Edward H. Field, David D. Jackson, Thomas H. Jordan

3. New Zealand Earthquake Forecast Testing Centre
Matthew C. Gerstenberger, David A. Rhoades

4. The Area Skill Score Statistic for Evaluating Earthquake Predictability Experiments
J. Douglas Zechar, Thomas H. Jordan

5. Space—Time Earthquake Prediction: The Error Diagrams
G. Molchan

6. Identifying Seismicity Levels via Poisson Hidden Markov Models
K. Orfanogiannaki, D. Karlis, G. A. Papadopoulos

7. Distribution of Seismicity Before the Larger Earthquakes in Italy in the Time Interval 1994–2004
S. Gentili

8. Predicting the Human Losses Implied by Predictions of Earthquakes: Southern Sumatra and Central Chile
Max Wyss

9. Space- and Time-Dependent Probabilities for Earthquake Fault Systems from Numerical Simulations: Feasibility Study and First Results
Jordan Aalsburg, John B. Rundle, Lisa B. Grant, Paul B. Rundle, Gleb Yakovlev, Donald L. Turcotte, Andrea Donnellan, Kristy F. Tiampo, Jose Fernandez

10. Spatial Separation of Large Earthquakes, Aftershocks, and Background Seismicity: Analysis of Interseismic and Coseismic Seismicity Patterns in Southern California
Egill Hauksson

11. Earthquake Source Zones in Northeast India: Seismic Tomography, Fractal Dimension and b Value Mapping
Pankaj M. Bhattacharya, J. R. Kayal, Saurabh Baruah, S. S. Arefiev

12. Seismic Hazard Evaluation in Western Turkey as Revealed by Stress Transfer and Time-dependent Probability Calculations
P. M. Paradisopoulou, E. E. Papadimitriou, V. G. Karakostas, T. Taymaz, A. Kilias, S. Yolsal

13. Correlation of Static Stress Changes and Earthquake Occurrence in the North Aegean Region
D. A. Rhoades, E. E. Papadimitriou, V. G. Karakostas, R. Console, M. Murru

14. Aftershock Sequences Modeled with 3-D Stress Heterogeneity and Rate-State Seismicity Equations: Implications for Crustal Stress Estimation
Deborah Elaine Smith, James H. Dieterich

15. Earthquake Recurrence in Simulated Fault Systems
James H. Dieterich, Keith B. Richards-Dinger

16. Continuous Observation of Groundwater and Crustal Deformation for Forecasting Tonankai and Nankai Earthquakes in Japan
Satoshi Itaba, Naoji Koizumi, Norio Matsumoto, Ryu Ohtani

17. Anomalies of Seismic Activity and Transient Crustal Deformations Preceding the 2005 M 7.0 Earthquake West of Fukuoka
Yosihiko Ogata

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, general

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