Sabadini, Irene

Hypercomplex Analysis and Applications

Sabadini, Irene - Hypercomplex Analysis and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On the Geometry of the Quaternionic Unit Disc
Cinzia Bisi, Graziano Gentili

2. Bounded Perturbations of the Resolvent Operators Associated to the F-Spectrum
Fabrizio Colombo, Irene Sabadini

3. Harmonic and Monogenic Functions in Superspace
K. Coulembier, H. Bie, F. Sommen

4. A Hyperbolic Interpretation of Cauchy-Type Kernels in Hyperbolic Function Theory
Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson, Heikki Orelma

5. Gyrogroups in Projective Hyperbolic Clifford Analysis
Milton Ferreira

6. Invariant Operators of First Order Generalizing the Dirac Operator in 2 Variables
Peter Franek

7. The Zero Sets of Slice Regular Functions and the Open Mapping Theorem
Graziano Gentili, Caterina Stoppato

8. A New Approach to Slice Regularity on Real Algebras
Riccardo Ghiloni, Alessandro Perotti

9. On the Incompressible Viscous Stationary MHD Equations and Explicit Solution Formulas for Some Three-dimensional Radially Symmetric Domai
Rolf Sören Kraußhar

10. The Fischer Decomposition for the H-action and Its Applications
Roman Lávička

11. Bochner’s Formulae for Dunkl-Harmonics and Dunkl-Monogenics
Shanshan Li, Minggang Fei

12. An Invitation to Split Quaternionic Analysis
Matvei Libine

13. On the Hyperderivatives of Moisil–Théodoresco Hyperholomorphic Functions
M. Elena Luna-Elizarrarás, Marco A. Macías-Cedeño, Michael Shapiro

14. Deconstructing Dirac Operators. II: Integral Representation Formulas
Mircea Martin

15. A Differential Form Approach to Dirac Operators on Surfaces
Heikki Orelma, Frank Sommen

16. Killing Tensor Spinor Forms and Their Application in Riemannian Geometry
Petr Somberg

17. Construction of Conformally Invariant Differential Operators
VÍt Tuček

18. Remarks on Holomorphicity in Three Settings: Complex, Quaternionic, and Bicomplex
Daniele C. Struppa, Adrian Vajiac, Mihaela B. Vajiac

19. The Gauss-Lucas Theorem for Regular Quaternionic Polynomials
Fabio Vlacci

Keywords: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Numerical Analysis

Publication year
Trends in Mathematics
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7 pages
Natural Sciences

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