Curbera, Guillermo P.

Vector Measures, Integration and Related Topics

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Table of contents

1. On Mean Ergodic Operators
Angela A. Albanese, José Bonet, Werner J. Ricker

2. Fourier Series in Banach spaces and Maximal Regularity
Wolfgang Arendt, Shangquan Bu

3. Spectral Measures on Compacts of Characters of a Semigroup
Dragu Atanasiu

4. On Vector Measures, Uniform Integrability and Orlicz Spaces
Diomedes Barcenas, Carlos E. Finol

5. The Bohr Radius of a Banach Space
Oscar Blasco

6. Spaces of Operator-valued Functions Measurable with Respect to the Strong Operator Topology
Oscar Blasco, Jan Neerven

7. Defining Limits by Means of Integrals
Antonio Boccuto, Domenico Candeloro

8. A First Return Examination of Vector-valued Integrals
Donatella Bongiorno

9. A Note on Bi-orthomorphisms
Gerard Buskes, Robert Page, Rusen Yilmaz

10. Compactness of Multiplication Operators on Spaces of Integrable Functions with Respect to a Vector Measure
Ricardo Campo, Antonio Fernández, Fernando Mayoral, Francisco Naranjo, Irene Ferrando

11. Some Applications of Nonabsolute Integrals in the Theory of Differential Inclusions in Banach Spaces
Kinga Cichoń, Mieczysław Cichoń

12. Equations Involving the Mean of Almost Periodic Measures
Silvia-Otilia Corduneanu

13. How Summable are Rademacher Series?
Guillermo P. Curbera

14. Rearrangement Invariant Optimal Domain for Monotone Kernel Operators
Olvido Delgado

15. The Fubini and Tonelli Theorems for Product Local Systems
Luisa Piazza, Valeria Marraffa

16. A Decomposition of Henstock-Kurzweil-Pettis Integrable Multifunctions
Luisa Piazza, Kazimierz Musiał

17. Non-commutative Yosida-Hewitt Theorems and Singular Functionals in Symmetric Spaces of τ-measurable Operators
Peter G. Dodds, Ben Pagter

18. Ideals of Subseries Convergence and Copies of c
0 in Banach Spaces
Lech Drewnowski, Iwo Labuda

19. On Operator-valued Measurable Functions
Jan H. Fourie

20. Logarithms of Invertible Isometries, Spectral Decompositions and Ergodic Multipliers
T. Alastair Gillespie

21. Norms Related to Binomial Series
Herbert Hunziker, Hans Jarchow

22. Vector-valued Extension of Linear Operators, and Tb Theorems
Tuomas P. Hytönen

23. Some Recent Applications of Bilinear Integration
Brian Jefferies

24. A Complete Classification of Short Symmetric-antisymmetric Multiwavelets
Greg Knowles

25. On the Range of a Vector Measure
Mienie Rock, Daniele Puglisi

26. Measure and Integration: Characterization of the New Maximal Contents and Measures
Heinz König

27. Vector Measures of Bounded γ-variation and Stochastic Integrals
Jan Neerven, Lutz Weis

28. Does a compact operator admit a maximal domain for its compact linear extension?
Susumu Okada

29. A Note on R-boundedness in Bidual Spaces
Ben Pagter, Werner J. Ricker

30. Salem Sets in the p-adics, the Fourier Restriction Phenomenon and Optimal Extension of the Hausdorff-Young Inequality
Christos Papadimitropoulos

31. L-embedded Banach Spaces and a Weak Version of Phillips Lemma
Hermann Pfitzner

32. When is the Space of Compact Range Measures Complemented in the Space of All Vector-valued Measures?
Luis Rodríguez-Piazza

33. When is the Optimal Domain of a Positive Linear Operator a Weighted L
Anton R. Schep

34. Liapounoff Convexity-type Theorems
Rudolf G. Venter

Keywords: Mathematics, Measure and Integration, Operator Theory

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
Page amount
396 pages
Natural Sciences

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