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Topics in Operator Theory

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Table of contents

1. A Quantitative Estimate for Bounded Point Evaluations in Pt(μ)-spaces
Alexandru Aleman, Stefan Richter, Carl Sundberg

2. WEighted Composition Operators on the Bloch Space of a Bounded Homogeneous Domain
Robert F. Allen, Flavia Colonna

3. Images of Minimal-Vector Sequences Under Weighted Composition Operators on L2(D)
Paul S. Bourdon, Antoine Flattot

4. On Extensions of Indefinite Toeplitz-Kreįn-Cotlar triplets
Ramón Bruzual, Marisela Domínguez

5. Multivariable Weighted Composition Operators: Lack of Point Spectrum, and Cyclic Vectors
Isabelle Chalendar, Elodie Pozzi, Jonathan R. Partington

6. Factorization Algorithm for Some Special Non-rational Matrix Functions
Ana C. Conceição, Viktor G. Kravchenko, José C. Pereira

7. Structured Primal-dual Interior-point Methods for Banded Semidefinite Programming
Zhiming Deng, Ming Gu, Michael L. Overton

8. A Note on Semi-Fredholm Hilbert Modules
Ronald G. Douglas, Jaydeb Sarkar

9. The S-recurrence of Schur Parameters of Non-inner Rational Schur Functions
Vladimir K. Dubovoy, Bernd Fritzsche, Bernd Kirstein

10. Curvature of Universal Bundles of Banach Algebras
Maurice J. Dupré, James F. Glazebrook, Emma Previato

11. A Contractive Operator View on an Inversion Formula of Gohberg-Heinig
A. E. Frazho, M. A. Kaashoek

12. A Spectral Weight Matrix for a Discrete Version of Walsh’s Spider
F. Alberto Grünbaum

13. Norm Inequalities for Composition Operators on Hardy and Weighted Bergman Spaces
Christopher Hammond, Linda J. Patton

14. Theory vs. Experiment: Multiplicative Inequalities for the Numerical Radius of Commuting Matrices
John Holbrook, Jean-Pierre Schoch

15. Best Constant Inequalities Involving the Analytic and Co-Analytic Projection
Brian Hollenbeck, Igor E. Verbitsky

16. Quasi Commutativity of Regular Matrix Polynomials: Resultant and Bezoutian
M. A. Kaashoek, L. Lerer

17. Quasidiagonal Extensions of the Reduced Group C*-algebras of Certain Discrete Groups
Alexander Kaplan, Steen Pedersen

18. Singular Integral Operators on Variable Lebesgue Spaces over Arbitrary Carleson Curves
Alexei Yu. Karlovich

19. Almost Periodic Polynomial Factorization of Some Triangular Matrix Functions
Yuri I. Karlovich, Ilya M. Spitkovsky

20. Revisit to a Theorem of Wogen
Hyungwoon Koo, Maofa Wang

21. Survey on the Best Constants in the Theory of One-dimensional Singular Integral Operators
Nahum Krupnik

22. Gantmacher-Krein Theorem for 2-totally Nonnegative Operators in Ideal Spaces
Olga Y. Kushel, Petr P. Zabreiko

23. Conditions for Linear Dependence of Two Operators
Bojan Kuzma, Gorazd Lešnjak, Chi-Kwong Li, Tatjana Petek, Leiba Rodman

24. Matrix Inequalities and Twisted Inner Products
Thomas H. Pate

25. The Spectrum of a Composition Operator and Calderón’s Complex Interpolation
Matthew A. Pons

26. Almost Periodic Factorization of 2 × 2 Triangular Matrix Functions: New Cases of Off Diagonal Spectrum
Ashwin Rastogi, Leiba Rodman, Ilya M. Spitkovsky

27. Infinite Hankel Block Matrices, Extremal Problems
Lev Sakhnovich

28. On Compactness of Operators in Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces
Stefan Samko

29. Extension to an Invertible Matrix in Convolution Algebras of Measures Supported in [0,+∞)
Amol Sasane

30. The Invariant Subspace Problem via Composition Operators-redux
Joel H. Shapiro

31. On Norms of Completely Positive Maps
Stanislaw J. Szarek

32. Some Exponential Inequalities for Semisimple Lie Groups
Tin-Yau Tam

33. Parabolic Quasi-radial Quasi-homogeneous Symbols and Commutative Algebras of Toeplitz Operators
Nikolai Vasilevski

34. Algebraic Aspects of the Paving and Feichtinger Conjectures
Eric Weber

35. Dominating the Commutator
David Wenzel

Keywords: Mathematics, Operator Theory

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
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38 pages
Natural Sciences

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