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Vinciguerra, Sergio

Rock Physics and Natural Hazards

Vinciguerra, Sergio - <Emphasis Type="Bold">Rock</Emphasis> Physics and <Emphasis Type="Bold">Natural Hazards</Emphasis>, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Sergio Vinciguerra, Yves Bernabé

2. What Does Control Earthquake Ruptures and Dynamic Faulting? A Review of Different Competing Mechanisms
Andrea Bizzarri

3. Quake Catalogs from an Optical Monitoring of an Interfacial Crack Propagation
M. Grob, J. Schmittbuhl, R. Toussaint, L. Rivera, S. Santucci, K. J. Måløy

4. Fracture Toughness and Fracture Roughness Interrelationship in Thermally treated Westerly Granite
M. H. B. Nasseri, B. S. A. Tatone, G. Grasselli, R. P. Young

5. Acoustic Emissions Monitoring during Inelastic Deformation of Porous Sandstone: Comparison of Three Modes of Deformation
Jerome Fortin, Sergei Stanchits, Georg Dresen, Yves Gueguen

6. Initiation and Propagation of Compaction Bands in Dry and Wet Bentheim Sandstone
Sergei Stanchits, Jerome Fortin, Yves Gueguen, George Dresen

7. Compaction and Failure in High Porosity Carbonates: Mechanical Data and Microstructural Observations
P. Baud, S. Vinciguerra, C. David, A. Cavallo, E. Walker, T. Reuschlé

8. Stress Transfer During Pressure Solution Compression of Rigidly Coupled Axisymmetric Asperities Pressed Against a Flat Semi-Infinite Solid
Y. Bernabé, B. Evans, D. D. Fitzenz

9. Common Evolution of Mechanical and Transport Properties in Thermally Cracked Westerly Granite at Elevated Hydrostatic Pressure
M. H. B. Nasseri, A. Schubnel, P. M. Benson, R. P. Young

10. Improved Interpretation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance T1 and T2 Distributions for Permeability Prediction: Simulation of Diffusion Coupling for a Fractal Cluster of Pores
H. Pape, C. Clauser

11. Oscillating Flow of a Compressible Fluid through Deformable Pipes and Pipe Networks: Wave Propagation Phenomena
Y. Bernabé

12. Microstructural Investigation of Naturally Deformed Leucogneiss from an Alpine Shear Zone (Southern Calabria-Italy)
Rosolino Cirrincione, Eugenio Fazio, Patrizia Fiannacca, Gaetano Ortolano, Rosalda Punturo

13. Laboratory Characterization of Permeability and Its Anisotropy of Chelungpu Fault Rocks
Tzu-Mo N. Chen, Wenlu Zhu, Teng-Fong Wong, Sheng-Rong Song

14. Axial and Radial Permeability Evolutions of Compressed Sandstones: End Effects and Shear-band Induced Permeability Anisotropy
Jeremie Dautriat, Nicolas Gland, Jean Guelard, Alexandre Dimanov, Jean L. Raphanel

15. Microstructural Inhomogeneity and Mechanical Anisotropy Associated with Bedding in Rothbach Sandstone
Laurent Louis, Patrick Baud, Teng-Fong Wong

16. Pressure-dependent Production Efficiency of an Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS): Stimulation Results and Implications for Hydraulic Fracture Treatments
Günter Zimmermann, Torsten Tischner, Björn Legarth, Ernst Huenges

17. Impact of Poroelastic Response of Sandstones on Geothermal Power Production
Guido Blöcher, Günter Zimmermann, Harald Milsch

18. Permeability Prediction for Low Porosity Rocks by Mobile NMR
H. Pape, J. Arnold, R. Pechnig, C. Clauser, E. Talnishnikh, S. Anferova, B. Blümich

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, general

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