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Table of contents

1. The Real post-Lisbon Challenges
Jean-Dominique Giuliani

2. What Ambitions for Europe? Towards European Defence?
Pierre Lellouche

3. The European Union after the Lisbon Treaty: From Law to Practice?
Étienne Poncins

4. 20 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Freedom is the New Common Narrative of Europe
Thierry Chopin, Christian Lequesne

5. Reform of Financial Capitalism: What are the Opportunities for European Leadership?
Jean-Pierre Jouyet

6. What Economic Policy for the Euro Area after the Financial Crisis? The Path Towards a New Franco-German Compromise
Daniela Schwarzer

7. What Economic Policy for the Euro Area after the Financial Crisis? The Path Towards a New Franco-German Compromise
Jean-François Jamet

8. Are We Heading Towards a European Tax? Europe in Search of a Real Budget
Alain Lamassoure

9. Does Europe have an External Economic Strategy?
Stefan Collignon

10. What European Model to Preserve the Planet?
Chantal Jouanno

11. Europe and Green Growth: the Key to Recovery?
Tomi Huhtanen

12. National History and Memory Change of Scale
Georges Mink

13. What Status for Ukraine?
Philippe Suremain

14. The Balkans: an Up-date
Ivan Vejvoda

15. The European Union and its Neighbours: What Status, what Offer?
Michel Foucher, Maxime Lefebvre

16. Which European Policy should be adopted with the other Powers?
Eneko Landaburu

17. The European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy Review and Outlook
Joachim Bitterlich

18. Europe and the USA: a Conditional Partnership
Nicole Gnesotto

19. Which type of European Policy in the Middle East?
Jean FranÇois-Poncet

20. Europe and Disarmament: between Proliferation, Dissuasion and Abolition
Camille Grand

21. Interview
Vaira Vike-Freiberga

22. European Elections 2009 Results, Overview, Outlook
Thierry Chopin, Corinne Deloy

23. The Electoral Year 2009 The Right Continues to Dominate Europe
Corinne Deloy

24. Elections in Europe in 2010
Corinne Deloy

25. Women’s Europe
Pascale Joannin

26. Legislative Production of the Union in 2009: a Key Year
Pierre-Antoine Molina

27. Europe in Figures
Franck Lirzin, Tom Schmitz

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economics general, Economic Policy, European Integration, Financial Economics, International Economics

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