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The Knee Joint

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Table of contents

I. The Traumatic Knee

1. The menisci: Anatomy, healing response, and biomechanics
A. Amendola, D. E. Bonasia

2. The cruciate ligaments: Anatomy, biology, and biomechanics
S. Scheffler

3. The anatomy and biomechanics of the medial collateral ligament and posteromedial corner of the knee
A. A. Amis, J. R. Robinson

4. The lateral collateral ligament and posterolateral corner
C. J. Griffith, C. A. Wijdicks, R. F. LaPrade

5. Basic science of ligament healing
H. Tohyama, K. Yasuda

6. Clinical basis: Epidemiology, risk factors, mechanisms of injury, and prevention of ligament injuries of the knee
T. E. Hewett, B. T. Zazulak, T. Krosshaug, R. Bahr

7. MRI evaluation of knee ligaments
H. G. Potter, D. B. Sneag, L. R. Chong

8. Classification of knee laxities
S. R. Piedade, E. Servien, F. Lavoie, P. Neyret

9. Scoring the knee
B. E. Heyworth, R. H. Brophy, R. G. Marx

10. Arthroscopic meniscectomy
J. C. Panisset, J. L. Prudhon

11. Meniscal sutures
P. Wilmes, D. Pape, R. Seil

12. Meniscal allograft transplantation
R. Verdonk, P. Vansintjan, R. Verdonk

13. Diagnostic and surgical decision ACL tears
B. T. Kean, R. T. Burks

14. Natural history of ACL tears: From rupture to osteoarthritis
M. J. Matava, R. W. Wright, E. D. Ellis

15. Graft choice in ACL reconstruction
D. E. Bonasia, A. Amendola

16. Tunnels, graft positioning, and isometry in ACL reconstruction
A. Williams, N. Devic

17. Technique in ACL reconstruction: Hamstring reconstruction
D. Longino, N. Clerk, P. J. Fowler, J. R. Giffin

18. Technique in ACL reconstruction: Patellar tendon
D. R. McAllister, T. Y. Wu

19. Place of navigation in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
G. Messerli, J. Ménétrey

20. Single or double bundle?
B. Sonnery-Cottet

21. Anatomic double-bundle ACL reconstruction: How I do it?
K. Yasuda

22. Results of ACL reconstruction
J Iwasa, Y. Shima, L Engebretsen

23. Arthrofibrosis after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
P. Chambat, R. Vargas, J. Desnoyer

24. ACL rehabilitation
M. A. Shaffer, A. Williams

25. ACL rupture in children: Anatomical and biological bases, outcome of ACL deficient knee in childhood: Strategy, operative technique, results, and complications
F. Chotel, J. Henry, J. Bérard

26. Combined injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament and posterolateral corner
S. P. Robinson, W. Shen, F. H. Fu

27. Failure in ACL reconstruction: Etiology, treatment, and results
N. Thomas, J. Carmichael

28. Definition and diagnosis of posterior cruciate ligament injury and algorithm of treatment
J. Ménétrey

29. Natural history of PCL ruptures
S. Akhavan, R. D. Parker

30. The PCL: Different options in PCL reconstruction: Choice of the graft? One or two bundles?
J. Höher, S. Shafizadeh

31. Graft tunnel positioning during PCL reconstruction
A. A. Amis, A. Edwards, S. Apsingi

32. Techniques in posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: An arthroscopic approach
B. Forsythe, R. Mascarenhas, M. W. Pombo, C. D. Harner

33. Arthroscopic reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament using double-bundle and tibial-inlay technique
S.-J. Kim

34. Technique in PCL reconstruction: Mini posterior approach
R. Badet, P. Verdonk, S. R. Piedade

35. Results of PCL reconstruction
F. Margheritini, M. Aboelnour, P. P. Mariani

36. Combined injuries to the posterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of the knee
B. Forsythe, R. Mascarenhas, M. W. Pombo, C. D. Harner

37. PCL injury associated with a posterolateral tear
K. Corten, J. Bellemans

38. The multiple-ligament injured knee
G. C. Fanelli, C. J. Edson

39. Surgical treatment of cartilage tear: Principles and results
F. Unno-Veith, J. Ménétrey

40. Technique of mosaicplasty
A. Miniaci, L. D. Farrow

41. Allograft osteoarticular resurfacing
M. J. DeFranco, A. G. McNickle, B. J. Cole

42. Technique of chondrocytes implantation
S. Zaffagnini, E. Kon, G. Filardo, G. Giordano, M. Delcogliano, G. M. Marcheggiani Muccioli, M. Marcacci

43. Regenerative medicine for cartilage
T. Laumonier, J. Ménétrey

44. The biomechanics of the patella
R. P. Grelsamer, J. Gould

45. Imaging of the patellofemoral joint
Y. Carrillon

46. Anterior knee pain and patellar instability: Diagnosis and treatment
K. F. Almqvist, E. A. Arendt

47. Patellar stabilization for episodic patellar instability
K. Raiszadeh, D. C. Fithian, L. C. Latt

48. Deepening trochleoplasty for patellofemoral instability
D. Dejour, P. Byn

II. The Degenerative Knee

49. Patellofemoral osteoarthritis: Pathophysiologie, treatment, and results
J. Bellemans, H. Vandenneucker, K. Didden

50. Patellofemoral replacement
J. H. Newman

51. Is there a place for arthroscopy in the degenerative knee?
P. Djian, G. Bellier, B. Moyen, X. Ayral, J. P. Bonvarlet

52. Surgical indications in medial knee osteoarthritis
F. Lavoie, S. Lustig, E. Servien, S. R. Piedade, P. Neyret

53. Biomechanics, basis, and indications of osteotomies around the knee
P. Hernigou, S. Zilber, A. Poignard, R. Jalil, P. Filippini, M. Mukisi Mukasa

54. Technique of closing wedge HTO
D. Kohn, D. Pape

55. Technique of open wedge HTO
P. Lobenhoffer, J. D. Agneskirchner

56. Results of HTO in medial OA of the knee
A. Amendola, D. E. Bonasia

57. Osteotomies in the valgus knee
G. Puddu, L. Panarella

58. Medial closing wedge varus osteotomy of the distal femur
R. J. Heerwaarden

59. Technical considerations, results, and complications of mobile-bearing UKA
R. W. McCalden

60. Fixed bearing unicompartmental knee prosthesis: Results, complications, and technical considerations
G. Deschamps, C. Bussière, S. Donell

61. Indications of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
C. L. Barnes, R. D. Scott

62. Lateral Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
J. H. Newman

III. Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty

63. The history of total knee arthroplasty
A. S. Ranawat, C. S. Ranawat

64. Posterostabilized TKA: Advantages and disadvantages
S. Parratte, J.-M. Aubaniac, J.-N. A. Argenson

65. Conservation of posterior cruciate ligament in fixed-bearing total knee replacement
J.-Y. Nordin

66. Deep dish TKA: Advantages and disadvantages
P.-F. Leyvraz, V. Leclercq

67. Bicruciate retaining TKA: The future?
J. Bellemans, K. Corten, J. Vanlauwe, H. Vandenneucker

68. Mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty: Advantages and disadvantages
R. H. Kim, D. A. Dennis

69. Fixed-bearing total knee arthoplasty: Advantages and disadvantages
D. Kohn, M. Kusma

70. Cement fixation for total knee arthroplasty
J. D. Jackson, M. W. Pagnano

71. Pre-operative imaging techniques in primary total knee replacement: Role for computed tomography
P. Beaufils

72. The mini-subvastus approach for total knee arthroplasty
J. D. Jackson, M. W. Pagnano

73. The degenerative knee — surgical techniques: “Gap balancing”
C. Stukenborg-Colsman, S. Ostermeier, H. Windhagen

74. Component orientation and total knee arthroplasty
F. R. Orozco, W. J. Hozack

75. Rotation of components in total knee arthroplasty
M. Bonnin

76. Improving mobility
S. Parratte, A. Ashour, Y. Hémon, J.-M. Aubaniac, J.-N. Argenson

77. Medical management before and after TKA
E. J. Graham, R. B. Bourne

78. Rehabilitation protocol following total knee arthroplasty
B. Quelard, O. Rachet

79. Why I always resurface the patella in TKA
K. Corten, S. J. MacDonald

80. Why I do not routinely resurface the patella in TKA
A. J. Bigham, J. L. Howard

81. Total knee replacement navigation: The different techniques
F. Picard, A. Gregori, A. Deakin

82. Why using navigation in total knee arthroplasty?
P. Deprez, J. Victor

83. Results and function of total knee arthroplasty
M. Dunbar, S. Sripada, R. Kjar

84. TKA in the stiff knee
J. Vanlauwe, H. Vandenneucker, J. Bellemans

85. The lateral approach in the valgus knee
R. Zayni, M. Bonnin

86. TKA in the severe valgus knee: Lateral epicondyle sliding osteotomy technique
J. Brilhault, P. Burdin

87. Total knee replacement in patients with severe varus deformity
Y. Catonné, E. Sariali, F. Khiami, B. Tillie

88. Total knee arthroplasty after failed high tibial osteotomy
M. Bonnin, R. Zayni

89. Total knee arthroplasty after malunion
T. Ait Si Selmi, D. Carmody, Ph. Neyret

90. Revision total knee arthroplasty after failed unicompartmental knee replacement
J. R. Laurent

91. Causes of failures in TKA
M. Bonnin

92. The painful total knee arthroplasty
G. Damme, J. Victor

93. Pre-operative planning for revision TKA
E. J. Graham, S. J. MacDonald

94. Technique of revision: Surgical approach
M. Tanzer, S. Burnett

95. Revision TKA: Component removal
K. Corten, S. J. MacDonald

96. Management of bony defects in revision TKR
M. Clatworthy

97. Stems in revision TKA
D. J. Berry

98. Technique of revision in TKA: Joint line level
C. M. Broek, G. G. Hellemondt, A. B. Wymenga

99. Technique of revision in total knee arthroplasty: The patella
D. D. R. Naudie, T. H. Bell, J. McAuley

100. Extensor mechanism allograft — Surgical technique
A. P. Sah, C. J. Della Valle, A. G. Rosenberg

101. Infection in total knee arthroplasty — Prevention
T. Kostamo, S. J. MacDonald

102. Diagnosis of infection after total knee arthroplasty
C. J. Richards, D. S. Garbuz, B. A. Masri

103. Infection in total knee arthroplasty: Treatment
T. M. Mabry, A. D. Hanssen

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