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Developing Ambient Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. Abstracting connection volatility through tagged futures
Johan Fabry, Carlos Noguera

2. Towards Semantic Resolution of Security in Ambient Environments
Mario Hoffmann, Atta Badii, Stephan Engberg, Renjith Nair, Daniel Thiemert, Manuel Matthess, Julian Schütte

3. Modeling Decentralized Information Flow in Ambient Environments
Jurriaan Diggelen, Robbert-Jan Beun, Rogier M. Eijk, Peter J. Werkhoven

4. Secure Profiles as a Cornerstone in Emerging Ambient Intelligence Scenarios
Antonio Muñoz, Daniel Serrano, Antonio Maña

5. Designing for People in Ambient Intelligence Environments
Norbert Streitz

6. Architecture and Design Patterns for Ambient Intelligence: an Industry Perspective
Antonio Kung

7. An Ambient Intelligence Based Multi-Agent Architecture
Dante I. Tapia, Javier Bajo, Juan M. Sánchez, Juan M. Corchado

8. Management of Large Video Recordings
J. L. Patino, E. Corvee, F. Bremond, M. Thonnat

9. XMPP based Health Care Integrated Ambient Systems Middleware
Wael Labidi, Jean-Ferdy Susini, Pierre Paradinas, Michael Setton

10. Increasing Interactivity in Agent-based Advanced Pocket-Device Service Application
Sameh Abdel-Naby, Paolo Giorgini, Stefano Fante

11. Towards a Model Driven Development of Context-aware Systems for AmI Environments
Estefanía Serral, Pedro Valderas, Javier Muñoz, Vicente Pelechano

12. Taking Ownership of Computational Resources
Alain Rhelimi

13. Bluetooth Indoor Positioning and Ambient Information System
Karim Khalil, Hiroshi Mizuno, Ken Sasaki, Hiroshi Hosaka, Pierre Maret

14. XACML as a Security and Dependability Pattern for Access Control in AmI environments
Antonio Muñoz, Francisco Sánchez-Cid, Paul Khoury, Luca Compagna

15. Rationale for defining NCIPs (Neighborhood and Context Interaction Primitives) position paper
Jérémie Albert, Serge Chaumettea

16. Agent Oriented AmI Engineering
Raian Ali, Sameh Abdel-Naby, Antonio Maña, Antonio Muñoz, Paolo Giorgini

17. EuroTRUSTAmI workshop : European R&D towards trusted Ambient Intelligence

18. Cyber-Security EU/US. Meet the pathfinders of our future
Jacques Bus, Andy Purdy, Jody Westby, Willem Jonker, Michel Riguidel, David Wright, Charles Brookson


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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