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Vocational Rehabilitation

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Table of contents

First Part. Vocational Rehabilitation: Definition and Applications

1. Vocational rehabilitation
C. Gobelet, F. Franchignoni

2. The point of view of the insurance company
W. Morger

3. Disability as a process
P.-A. Fauchère

4. Inability to work, disability and vocational rehabilitation: does the general practitioner have a role to play in these processes?
F. Pilet

5. Cultural aspects of vocational rehabilitation processes
I. Rothenbühler

6. Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
M. Oliveri

7. Work rehabilitation programs: work hardening and work conditioning
F. Franchignoni, M. Oliveri, G. Bazzini

8. Vocational rehabilitation and low back pain
V. Fialka-Moser, M. Herceg, E. Hartter

9. Vocational rehabilitation in musculo-skeletal disorders — with examples mainly from the neck and shoulder region
J. Ekholm, K. Schüldt Ekholm

10. Return to work after a traumatic brain injury: a difficult challenge
P. Vuadens, P. Arnold, A. Bellmann

11. Vocational rehabilitation and spinal cord injuries
A.T. Al-Khodairy, W.S. Masry

12. Vocational rehabilitation and pulmonary programs
C.F. Donner

13. Cardiac rehabilitation and vocational reintegration
J.-M. Casillas, H.-J. Smolik, J.-P. Didier

14. Vocational integration in cancer rehabilitation
H. Delbrück

Second Part. Some Examples of Vocational Rehabilitation Management in Europe

15. Vocational rehabilitation in Austria
V. Fialka-Moser, M. Herceg, M. Milanovic, D. Czamay, E. Hartter

16. Social security and vocational rehabilitation: the Belgian model
W. Brusselmans, K. Delplace

17. Vocational rehabilitation: the British model
C.W. Roy

18. Vocational rehabilitation in Finland
H. Alaranta

19. The French model of vocational rehabilitation
J.-M. André, C. Chapelain, J. Paysant

20. Vocational rehabilitation and participation in working life: the German model
H.M. Schian

21. Vocational rehabilitation: the Greek model
X. Michail, K. Stathi, M. Tzara

22. Vocational rehabilitation: the Italian model
N. Pappone, C. Pozzo, F. Franchignoni

23. Vocational rehabilitation: the Irish model
A. McNamara, B. Miller

24. Vocational rehabilitation in the Netherlands
F.J.N. Nijhuis, B.A.G. Lierop, F. Wichers

25. Vocational rehabilitation: the Spanish model
A. Cuxart

26. Vocational rehabilitation: the Swedish model
J. Ekholm, K. Schüldt Ekholm

27. Vocational rehabilitation: the Swiss model
M.-F. Fournier-Buchs, C. Gobelet


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