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The Destination is in Sight

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The Destination is in Sight speaks about a Christianity that engages with everyday life, demands a response now, is filled with challenge, urgency and the demand for action, gives meaning and purpose to today, and hope and promise for tomorrow.
The Destination is in Sight is written for those who are searching, those who have become disillusioned by Christianity as they see it, and those who need an injection of encouragement, purpose and challenge to their walk of faith.

The Destination is in Sight is about making a personal, spiritual journey into understanding more about the nature of the Kingdom, learning more about Kingdom living and sensing a feeling of urgency to help lead others into the Kingdom – with a particular reference to the end times. As well as prayerfully seeking (and allowing) the Holy Spirit to shape our lifestyles accordingly.

The Destination is in Sight looks at a selection of John’s writings: the ‘I am’ passages of Jesus (recorded in John’s Gospel); passages from John’s letters; the letters to the seven Churches in the Book of Revelation and a selection of other passages from the Book of Revelation. It is good to note that Revelation 1:3 promises blessing to those of us who study the book of Revelation and endeavour to apply it to our lives.
The Destination is in Sight is not a commentary on John’s Gospel, John’s letters or the Book of Revelation; neither is it a theological debate. But it is a user friendly, personal resource, encouraging the reader to seek what God is saying to them about the Kingdom and what relevance it has to their life today, whilst awaiting its ultimate fulfilment.

The Destination is in Sight links in a variety of other relevant passages of scripture, as it endeavours to encourage the reader’s individual journey in an ‘easy to read’, and sometimes light hearted style, but also challenging, affirming and scripturally based.

The Destination is in Sight has been written by a middle aged Baptist Minister, counsellor and author who decided to try a local running club, but realised that walking energetically was more suited to him – his inspiration for this book (well, some of it!)

Keywords: bible, spiritual, theology, baptist, revelation, scripture, kingdom living, christianity, faith, gospel, fulfilment

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