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Straight From The Force’s Mouth

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Everyone has heard of Darth Vader, the infamous Star Wars villain we all love to fear, created by George Lucas and brought to life by Dave Prowse MBE, but people may not be so familiar with the story of the multi-talented man behind the mask. It required someone exceptional to turn a helmeted costume into the principal character in the highest grossing film series in cinema history - that someone was Dave Prowse. The towering, physical presence of the 6ft 7” bodybuilder was ideally suited to personify the intimidating Darth Vader. Straight from the Force’s Mouth takes us behind the scenes of Star Wars and documents how this extraordinary man took on the role of the menacing central character to creating one of the most iconic villains in cinema history. In this book of memoirs, Dave shares his journey from disadvantaged child and poor student to champion weightlifter and international film star. The Dave Prowse story is one of determination and hard work and in this honest account he explains how he overcame the many setbacks in his life to achieve success and global recognition. This book is a must have for Star Wars fans of all ages and will appeal to anyone who enjoys a truly inspirational and motivating real life story.

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