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Guided by the Light

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Described by Professor Hans Holzer, a leading authority in America on the paranormal, as the greatest medium of our time, Philip Solomon shares his amazing story, from his childhood psychic experiences of been born into a mediumistically gifted family with show business connections, through his many strands of spiritual and psychical development, to the finely honed, highly attuned state of awareness he has achieved. For those of you who think that mediumship is merely passing on messages from beyond the grave to members of a Spiritualist church or theatre audience, then your eyes are about to be opened, as this book covers predictions, meditation, hypnotism, sports psychology, guides and angels, ghosts and the paranormal, healing, astrology, leylines and UFOs, with an emphasis on the innate ability in each and every one of us to develop psychic awareness. With a fitting foreword by respected fellow-medium, Derek Acorah, this book will definitely challenge your perceptions and broaden your outlook on life, both on the earth plane and in the spirit world beyond. In this and his many previous books, Philip Solomon’s intentions and convictions are clear. He has been chosen by Spirit to walk a sometimes difficult pathway on a mission to prove beyond doubt the existence of life after death and other-worldliness and to assure those that have lost loved ones that death is not the end.

Keywords: medium, psychic, paranormal, Derek, Acorah, spiritual, spiritualism, prediction, mediation, hypnotism, sports psychology, guides, angels, ghosts, healing, astrology, leylines, UFOs, UFOlogy, ability, astral, planes, clairvoyance, crystals, occult, healing, haunted, divination, magic, arcane, star sign, horoscopes, Most Haunted, ghost hunter, esp

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