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Rapid Modelling and Quick Response

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Table of contents

1. Perturbation Analysis of M/M/1 Queue
Karim Abbas, Djamil Aïssani

2. Series Expansions in Queues with Server Vacation
Fazia Rahmoune, Djamil Aïssani

3. Optimal management of equipments of the BMT Containers Terminal (Bejaia’s Harbor)
Djamil Aïssani, Mouloud Cherfaoui, Smaïl Adjabi, S. Hocine, N. Zareb

4. Production Inventory Models for a Multi-product Batch Production System
Ananth Krishnamurthy, Divya Seethapathy

5. Dependency Between Performance of Production Processes and Variability – an Analysis Based on Empirical Data
Martin Poiger, Gerald Reiner, Werner Jammernegg

6. Improving Business Processes with Rapid Modeling: the Case of Digger
Reinhold Schodl, Nathan Kunz, Gerald Reiner, Gil Gomes Santos

7. Quick Response Service: The Case of a Non-Profit Humanitarian Service Organization
Arda Alp, Gerald Reiner, Jeffrey S. Petty

8. Applying Operations Management Principles on Optimisation of Scientific Computing Clusters
Ari-Pekka Hameri, Tapio Niemi

9. Increasing Customer Satisfaction in Queuing Systems with Rapid Modelling
Noémi Kalló, Tamás Koltai

10. Rapid Modelling of Patient Flow in a Health Care Setting: Integrating Simulation with Lean
Claire Worthington, Stewart Robinson, Nicola Burgess, Zoe Radnor

11. Evaluation of the Dynamic Impacts of Lead Time Reduction on Finance Based on Open Queueing Networks
Dominik Gläßer, Boualem Rabta, Gerald Reiner, Arda Alp

12. The Financial Impact of a Rapid Modeling Issue: the Case of Lot Sizing
Lien G. Perdu, Nico J. Vandaele

13. A Flexibility Based Rapid Response Model in Ready to Wear Sector, in Turkey
Müjde Erol Genevois, Deniz Yensarfati

14. Modular Product Architecture: The Role of Information Exchange for Customization
AHM Shamsuzzoha, Petri T. Helo

15. The Impact of Technological Change and OIPs on Lead Time Reduction
Krisztina Demeter, Zsolt Matyusz

16. Global Supply Chain Management and Delivery Performance: a Contingent Perspective
Ruggero Golini, Matteo Kalchschmidt

17. In-Transit Distribution Strategy: Hope for European Factories?
Per Hilletofth, Frida Claesson, Olli-Pekka Hilmola

18. Effect of component interdependency on inventory allocation
Yohanes Kristianto Nugroho, AHM Shamsuzzoha, Petri T. Helo

19. Dynamic Nature and Long-Term Effect of Events on Supply Chain Confidence
Harri Lorentz, Olli-Pekka Hilmola

20. Evaluation of Supply Process Improvements Illustrated by Means of a JIS Supply Process from the Automotive Industry
Gerald Reiner, Martin Poiger

21. Information Needs for Decisions on Supply Chain Design
Stefan Seuring, Tino Bauer

22. A Conceptual Framework for the Integration of Transportation Management Systems and Carbon Calculators
Stefan Treitl, Heidrun Rosič, Werner Jammernegg

23. A Conceptual Framework for the Analysis of Supply Chain Risk
Monika Weishäupl, Werner Jammernegg

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Simulation and Modeling, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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