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Brain Protection in Cardiac Surgery

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Table of contents

1. Molecular and Biochemical Basis of Brain Injury Following Heart Surgery – Interventions for the Future
Eric S. Weiss, William A. Baumgartner

2. Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit and the Brain
Michael A. Borger, George Djaiani, Robert A. Baker

3. Neurological and Cognitive Sequelae of Cardiac Surgery
Guy M. McKhann, Rebecca F. Gottesman, Maura A. Grega, Willam A. Baumgartner, Ola A. Selnes

4. Neurocognitive Decline Following Cardiac Surgery: Incidence, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Outcomes
John W. Hammon, David A. Stump

5. Neuropathology of Brain Injury in Cardiac Surgery
Colin Smith

6. Biochemical Markers of Brain Injury
Basel Ramlawi, Frank W. Sellke

7. Pitfalls of Neuropsychometric Assessment and Alternative Investigative Approaches
Yasir Abu-Omar, David P. Taggart

8. Imaging of the Brain in Cardiac Surgery as a Tool in Brain Protection Studies
Martin Bendszus

9. Current Techniques of Emboli Detection and Their Utility in Brain Protection Studies
Sunil K. Bhudia, David A. Stump, Timothy J. Jones

10. Intraoperative Brain Monitoring in Cardiac Surgery
Joseph E. Arrowsmith, Maruthi S. S. R. Ganugapenta

11. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring in Cardiac Surgery: Theory, Practice, and Utility
John M. Murkin, Miguel F. Arango, Alain Deschamps, André Y. Denault

12. The Design and Methodology of Clinical Studies of Neuroprotection in Cardiac Surgery
Reza Motallebzadeh, Marjan Jahangiri

13. Temperature and Brain Protection in Cardiac Surgery
George Djaiani, Harish Ramakrishna, Alina M. Grigore

14. Studies of Nonpharmacological Interventions to Reduce Brain Injury
Aaron M. Ranasinghe, Timothy J. Jones

15. Pharmacological Studies to Reduce Brain Injury in Cardiac Surgery
Deborah K. Harrington, Vamsidhar B. Dronavalli, Robert S. Bonser

16. Off-Pump and On-Pump Coronary Artery Surgery and the Brain
R. Peter Alston

17. Experimental Basis and Clinical Studies of Brain Protection in Pediatric Heart Surgery
Richard A. Jonas

18. Experimental Basis and Clinical Studies of Brain Protection in Aortic Arch Surgery
Gabriele Luozzo, Randall B. Griepp

19. The Future of Brain Protection in Cardiac Surgery
Min Lou, Magdy Selim

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Neuroradiology, Imaging / Radiology, Internal Medicine

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