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Game of Life Cellular Automata

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Cellular Automata andConway’s Game of Life
Carter Bays

2. Conway’s Game of Life: EarlyPersonalRecollections
Robert Wainwright

3. Conway’s Life

Harold V. McIntosh

Life’s Still Lifes
Harold V. McIntosh

5. A Zoo of Life Forms
Harold V. McIntosh

6. Growth and Decay inLife-Like CellularAutomata
David Eppstein

7. The B36/S125 “2x2” Life-Like CellularAutomaton
Nathaniel Johnston

8. Object Synthesis in Conway’s Game of Life andOther Cellular Automata
Mark D. Niemiec

9. Gliders and Glider Guns Discovery inCellularAutomata
Emmanuel Sapin

10. Constraint Programming to Solve Maximal Density Still Life
Geoffrey Chu, Karen Elizabeth Petrie, Neil Yorke-Smith

11. Larger than Life’s Extremes: Rigorous Results for Simplified Rules and Speculation onthePhase Boundaries
Kellie Michele Evans

12. RealLife
Marcus Pivato

13. Variations on the Game of Life
Ferdinand Peper, Susumu Adachi, Jia Lee

14. Does Life Resist Asynchrony?
Nazim Fatès

15. LIFE with Short-Term Memory
Ramón Alonso-Sanz

16. Localization Dynamics in a Binary Two-Dimensional Cellular Automaton: TheDiffusion Rule
Genaro J. Martínez, Andrew Adamatzky, Harold V. McIntosh

17. The Game of Life in Non-square Environments
Carter Bays

18. The Game of Life Rules on Penrose Tilings: StillLife and Oscillators
Nick Owens, Susan Stepney

19. A Spherical XOR Gate Implemented intheGame of Life
Jeffrey Ventrella

20. Emergent Complexity in Conway’s Game of Life
Nick Gotts

21. Macroscopic Spatial Complexity oftheGame ofLife Cellular Automaton: ASimpleDataAnalysis
A. R. Hernández-Montoya, H. F. Coronel-Brizio, M. E. Rodríguez-Achach

22. The Enlightened Game of Life
Claudio Conti

23. Towards a Quantum Game of Life
Adrian P. Flitney, Derek Abbott

24. Game of Life Music
Eduardo R. Miranda, Alexis Kirke

25. Universal Computation and Construction inGoL Cellular Automata
Adam P. Goucher

26. A Simple Universal Turing Machine fortheGameof Life Turing Machine
Paul Rendell

27. Computation with Competing Patterns inLife-Like Automaton
Genaro J. Martínez, Andrew Adamatzky, Kenichi Morita, Maurice Margenstern

Keywords: Computer Science, Theory of Computation, Computation by Abstract Devices, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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