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Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes

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Table of contents

Part I. Engineering Process Management in Theory

1. What is a Process Model? Reflections on the Epistemology of Design Process Models
C.M. Eckert, M.K. Stacey

2. Uniqueness and the Multiple Fractal Character of Product Engineering Processes
A. Albers, A. Braun, S. Muschik

3. Approaches for Process Attendant Property Validation of Products
K. Paetzold, J. Reitmeier

Part II. Managing Complex Engineering Processes

4. An Approach Towards Planning Development Processes According to the Design Situation
J.M.K. Roelofsen, U. Lindemann

5. Process Model Based Methodology for Impact Analysis of New Design Methods
R. Koppe, S. Häusler, F. Poppen, A. Hahn

6. Design Process Planning by Management of Milestones and Options with a Design Attainment Model
Y. Nomaguchi, T. Yamamoto, K. Fujita

7. The Effect of Uncertainty on Span Time and Effort Within a Complex Design Process
S. Suss, K. Grebici, V. Thomson

8. Evaluating the Positive and Negative Impact of Iteration in Engineering Processes
H.N. Le, D.C. Wynn, P.J. Clarkson

Part III. Managing Product and Process Information

9. An Operational Perspective for Capturing the Engineering Design Process
S.M. Gonnet, M.L. Roldán, H. Leone, G. Henning

10. Sparse Data Estimation in Complex Design Processes
K. Lari, O. Hisarciklilar, K. Grebici, V. Thomson

11. Deriving Event Graphs through Process Mining for Runtime Change Management
H. Zhang, Y. Liu, C. Li, R. Jiao

12. Assessment of Design Tools for Knowledge Capture and Re-use
A.V. Gokula Vijaykumar, A. Chakrabarti

Part IV. Engineering Process Management in Practice

13. Modelling the Quality of Engineering Designs
W.P. Kerley, P.J. Clarkson

14. Continuous Improvement of Mechatronic Product Development Processes
R. Woll, C. Kind, R. Stark

15. Interactive Visualisation of Development Processes in Mechatronic Engineering
S. Kahl, J. Gausemeier, R. Dumitrescu

16. Management of a Design System in a Collaborative Design Environment Using PEGASE
V. Robin, C. Merlo, G. Pol, P. Girard

17. Towards a Robust Process for Integrating Innovations into Vehicle Projects
G. Buet, T. Gidel, D. Millet

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Business/Management Science, general, Models and Principles, Engineering Design

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