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Geometric Algebra Computing

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Table of contents

1. New Tools for Computational Geometry andRejuvenation of Screw Theory
David Hestenes

2. Tutorial: Structure-Preserving Representation of Euclidean Motions Through Conformal Geometric Algebra
Leo Dorst

3. Engineering Graphics in Geometric Algebra
Alyn Rockwood, Dietmar Hildenbrand

4. Parameterization of 3D Conformal Transformations in Conformal Geometric Algebra
Hongbo Li

5. Two-Dimensional Clifford Windowed Fourier Transform
Mawardi Bahri, Eckhard M. S. Hitzer, Sriwulan Adji

6. The Cylindrical Fourier Transform
Fred Brackx, Nele Schepper, Frank Sommen

7. Analyzing Real Vector Fields with Clifford Convolution and Clifford–Fourier Transform
Wieland Reich, Gerik Scheuermann

8. Clifford–Fourier Transform for Color Image Processing
Thomas Batard, Michel Berthier, Christophe Saint-Jean

9. Hilbert Transforms in Clifford Analysis
Fred Brackx, Bram Knock, Hennie Schepper

10. Geometric Neural Computing for 2D Contour and 3D Surface Reconstruction
Jorge Rivera-Rovelo, Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, Ruediger Dillmann

11. Geometric Associative Memories and Their Applications to Pattern Classification
Benjamin Cruz, Ricardo Barron, Humberto Sossa

12. Classification and Clustering of Spatial Patterns with Geometric Algebra
Minh Tuan Pham, Kanta Tachibana, Eckhard M. S. Hitzer, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Takeshi Furuhashi

13. QWT: Retrospective and New Applications
Yi Xu, Xiaokang Yang, Li Song, Leonardo Traversoni, Wei Lu

14. Image Sensor Model Using Geometric Algebra: FromCalibration toMotion Estimation
Thibaud Debaecker, Ryad Benosman, Sio H. Ieng

15. Model-Based Visual Self-localization Using Gaussian Spheres
David Gonzalez-Aguirre, Tamim Asfour, Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, Ruediger Dillmann

16. Geometric Characterization of -Conformal Mappings
K. Gürlebeck, J. Morais

17. Fluid Flow Problems with Quaternionic Analysis—An Alternative Conception
K. Gürlebeck, W. Sprößig

18. Interactive 3D Space Group Visualization withCLUCalc and Crystallographic Subperiodic Groups in Geometric Algebra
Eckhard M. S. Hitzer, Christian Perwass, Daisuke Ichikawa

19. Geometric Algebra Model of Distributed Representations
Agnieszka Patyk

20. Computational Complexity Reductions Using Clifford Algebras
René Schott, G. Stacey Staples

21. Efficient Algorithms for Factorization and Join of Blades
Daniel Fontijne, Leo Dorst

22. Gaalop—High Performance Parallel Computing Based on Conformal Geometric Algebra
Dietmar Hildenbrand, Joachim Pitt, Andreas Koch

23. Some Applications of Gröbner Bases in Robotics and Engineering
Rafał Abłamowicz

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Math Applications in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Simulation and Modeling, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics

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22 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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