Taylor, Keith

Eating Out - By Staying In

Taylor, Keith - Eating Out - By Staying In, ebook


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This entertaining and humourous book is laid out in twelve country chapters - each chapter detailing recipes and suggesting menus, from that country, thus effectively giving you a choice of twelve ethnic restaurants to imitate. The countries are: Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Goa, India, Thailand, China and North America. Within each chapter are detailed recipes using that country's local ingredients, allowing the choice to construct a one, two or three course ethnic meal - Firstly a soup and starter, then a choice between fish or shellfish in a seafood section. For the main course choice recipes are provided using the following as their dominant ingredient: Beef, Lamb, and Pork (where permitted) Chicken, Game, Offal and a Veggie option. Finally a pudding recipe is offered. Penned by a retired grumpy Old Man as a guide for fellow harassed males allowing them to transport and manufacture their favorite cuisine to their own dining room - instead of traveling miles to find an ethnic restaurant in which to spend a fortune on grub they can easily cook themselves - saving a good few quid and allowing them to do their impression of the late and much lamented Keith Floyd, without worrying about the boys in blue on the way home, also putting them on their bride’s team, providing they clean up after themselves in HER kitchen...

Keywords: cook, cooking, food, dine, dining, china, france, italy, italian, french, spain, spanish, gourmet, restaurant, menu, indian, cordon, bleu, keith floyd, crème fraiche, jamie oliver, gordon ramsey, novelli, ainsley, anthony, di campo, thai, chinese

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