Blisse, Victoria

The Victoria Blisse Collection

Blisse, Victoria - The Victoria Blisse Collection, ebook


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ISBN: 9781849893367
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This collection of four short stories from award-winning erotic author Victoria Blisse has a mix of themes and is sure to suit all tastes! The stories include: Scentsual: A femdom story set in the seaside town of Scarborough... Kelly is dominant and has a heightened sense of smell, so many of her memories, thoughts and feelings revolve around scents. She meets Rob on a trip to Scarborough and seduces him; their lust is instant but is Rob the submissive man Kelly really needs to fall in love with?... Reluctant Muse: Carrie is a shy student who works in a fast food joint to make ends meet. Her boss is a bully and she meets Jamie when he stands up for her. She's got terrible self esteem problems, but Jamie is an artist and wants to paint her naked. He's also a dominant and he wants to play with her submissive side. Can Carrie overcome her fears and the ghosts of her past to fully give in to Jamie? Till the End: Susan falls instantly in lust with a young student she employs to be one of the till staff at the supermarket where she is head of personnel. She is obsessed by him, but twice his age and convinced he could never be interested in her - that is, until the Works Christmas party proves differently... Masquerading Hearts: Laura is out for revenge on her cheating boyfriend Jack, but no matter how many men she beds, she can't get him out of her mind. A foursome with Jack in the mix might just be what she needs to get over him, but will it work?... These short stories have been put together in this fantastic anthology, and have been specially formatted for today's e-readers by House of Erotica.

Keywords: erotic, erotica, romance, adult, sensual, sex, sexy, love, passion, romantic, sexual, cougar, older, younger, mature, milf, intergenerational, desperate housewives, housewife, supermarket, domination, submission, menage, multiple partners, naughty, foursome, threesome

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