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Nutritional Influences on Bone Health

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Table of contents

1. Dietary Protein and Bone Mass Accrual
René Rizzoli, Jean-Philippe Bonjour, Thierry Chevalley

2. Protein Effects on Bone and Muscle in Elderly Women
R. L. Prince, X. Meng, A. Devine, D. A. Kerr, V. Solah, C. W. Binns, K. Zhu

3. Dietary Protein and Bone Health: The Urgent Need for Large-Scale Supplementation Studies
Andrea L. Darling, Susan A. Lanham-New

4. Protein Intake During Weight Loss: Effects on Bone
Sue A. Shapses, Deeptha Sukumar

5. A Comparison of Asian Asian and American Asian populations: Calcium and Bone Accretion During Formation of Peak Bone Mass
Warren T. K. Lee, Connie M. Weaver, Lu Wu

6. Estimating Calcium Requirements
Connie M. Weaver, Kathleen M. Hill

7. Independent and Combined Effects of Exercise and Calcium on Bone Structural and Material Properties in Older Adults
Robin M. Daly, Sonja Kukuljan

8. The Bone Benefits of Calcium and Exercise in Children
Joan M. Lappe

9. Calcium Supplementation Plays a Positive Role in Bone and Body Composition in Chinese Adolescents
Guansheng Ma, Qian Zhang, Jing Yin, Ailing Liu, Weijing Du, Xiaoyan Wang, Xiaoqi Hu

10. Effects of High Calcium and Vitamin D Diets on Changes in Body Fat, Lean Mass, and Bone Mineral Density by Self-Controlled Dieting for 4 Months in Young Asian Women
Takako Hirota, Izumi Kawasaki, Kenji Hirota

11. Trace Elements and Bone
Franz Jakob, Lothar Seefried, Christa Kitz, August Stich, Barbara Sponholz, Peter Raab, Regina Ebert

12. Phosphorus and Bone
Christel Lamberg-Allardt, Heini Karp, Virpi Kemi

13. Seasonal Differences in Mineral Homeostasis and Bone Metabolism in Response to Oral Phosphate Loading in Older Northern Chinese Adults
B. Zhou, L. Yan, X. Wang, I. Schoenmakers, G. R. Goldberg, A. Prentice

14. Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoporosis
Lorenz C. Hofbauer, Christine Hamann

15. Vitamin D and Muscle
Heike Bischoff-Ferrari, Bess Dawson-Hughes

16. Vitamin D and Bone Health
Paul Lips

17. Effects of Vitamin D on Bone Health in Healthy Young Adults
Kevin D. Cashman

18. Vitamin D Effects on Bone Structure in Childhood and Aging
Kun Zhu, Richard L. Prince

19. Dietary Patterns and Bone Health
Helen M. Macdonald, Antonia C. Hardcastle

20. Nutritional Factors that Influence Change in Bone Density and Stress Fracture Risk Among Young Female Cross-County Runners
Jeri W. Nieves, Kathryn Melsop, Meredith Curtis, Kristin L. Cobb, Jennifer L. Kelsey, Laura K. Bachrach, Gail Greendale, MaryFran Sowers

21. A Dietary Pattern That Predicts Physical Performance in an Elderly Population
Jeri W. Nieves, Elizabeth Vasquez, Yian Gu, Jose Luchsinger, Yaakov Stern, Nikolaos Scarmeas

22. Citrus Hesperidin and Bone Health: From Preclinical Studies to Nutritional Intervention Trials
Véronique Habauzit, Elizabeth Offord, Marie-Noëlle Horcajada

23. Acidosis and Bone
David A. Bushinsky

24. Acid–Base Homeostasis and the Skeleton: An Update on Current Thinking
Susan A. Lanham-New

25. Acid–Base Balance, Bone, and Muscle
Bess Dawson-Hughes

26. The Effect of Mineral Waters on Bone Metabolism: Alkalinity Over Calcium?
Peter Burckhardt

27. Bone-Anabolic Impact of Dietary High Protein Intake Compared with the Effects of Low Potential Renal Acid Load, Endogenous Steroid Hormones, and Muscularity in Children
Thomas Remer, Lars Libuda

28. Salt Sensitivity, Metabolic Acidosis, and Bone Health
Lynda A. Frassetto, Olga Schmidlin, Anthony Sebastian

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Rheumatology, Clinical Nutrition, Orthopedics

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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