Bainbridge, William Sims

Online Worlds: Convergence of the Real and the Virtual

Bainbridge, William Sims - Online Worlds: Convergence of the Real and the Virtual, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
William Sims Bainbridge

2. New World View
William Sims Bainbridge

3. Culture and Creativity: World of Warcraft Modding in China and the US
Yong Ming Kow, Bonnie Nardi

4. The Diasporic Game Community: Trans-Ludic Cultures and Latitudinal Research Across Multiple Games and Virtual Worlds
Celia Pearce, Artemesia

5. Science, Technology, and Reality in The Matrix Online and Tabula Rasa

William Sims Bainbridge

Spore: Assessment of the Science in an Evolution-Oriented Game
John Bohannon, T. Ryan Gregory, Niles Eldredge, William Sims Bainbridge

7. Medulla: A Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Framework for Research, Teaching, and Learning with Virtual Worlds
Michelle Roper Fox, Henry Kelly, Sachin Patil

8. A Virtual Mars
Richard Childers

9. Opening the Metaverse
Julian Lombardi, Marilyn Lombardi

10. A Typology of Ethnographic Scales for Virtual Worlds
Tom Boellstorff

11. Massively Multiplayer Online Games as Living Laboratories: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Nicolas Ducheneaut

12. Examining Player Anger in World of Warcraft

Jane Barnett, Mark Coulson, Nigel Foreman

13. Dude Looks like a Lady: Gender Swapping in an Online Game
Searle Huh, Dmitri Williams

14. Virtual Doppelgangers: Psychological Effects of Avatars Who Ignore Their Owners
Jeremy N. Bailenson, Kathryn Y. Segovia

15. Speaking in Character: Voice Communication in Virtual Worlds
Greg Wadley, Martin R. Gibbs

16. What People Talk About in Virtual Worlds
Mary Lou Maher

17. Changing the Rules: Social Architectures in Virtual Worlds
Nick Yee

18. Game-Based Virtual Worlds as Decentralized Virtual Activity Systems
Walt Scacchi

19. When Virtual Worlds Expand
William Sims Bainbridge

20. Cooperation, Coordination, and Trust in Virtual Teams: Insights from Virtual Games
M. Audrey Korsgaard, Arnold Picot, Rolf T. Wigand, Isabelle M. Welpe, Jakob J. Assmann

21. Virtual Worlds for Virtual Organizing
Diana Rhoten, Wayne Lutters

22. Future Evolution of Virtual Worlds as Communication Environments
Giulio Prisco

23. The Future of Virtual Worlds
William Sims Bainbridge, Wayne Lutters, Diana Rhoten, Henry Lowood

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Computers and Society, e-Commerce/e-business

Publication year
Human-Computer Interaction Series
Page amount
7 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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