Chou, Shuo-Yan

Global Perspective for Competitive Enterprise, Economy and Ecology

Chou, Shuo-Yan - Global Perspective for Competitive Enterprise, Economy and Ecology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. To Calculate the Sequence-Dependent Setup Time for a Single-Machine Problem with Uncertain Job Arriving Time
Ming-Hsien Yang, Shu-Hsing Chung, Ching-Kuei Kao

2. A Two-Level Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling in Assembly Islands with Fixed-Position Layouts
Wei Qin, George Q. Huang

3. Exact Controllability for Dependent Siphons in S3PMR
Yu-Ying Shih, Te-Chung Liu, Chui-Yu Chiu, D. Y. Chao

4. A New MIP Test for S3PGR2

Yu-Ying Shih, D. Y. Chao, Chui-Yu Chiu

5. Simplifying Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Process for Rapid Manufacturing
Nguyen Van Ut, Pisut Koomsap, Viboon Tangwarodomnukun

6. Hybrid System Supporting Flexible Design of Flat Rolling Production Processes in Collaborative Environment
Lukasz Rauch, Michal Front, Marek Bigaj, Lukasz Madej

7. Organization and Interoperation of Engineering Design Services in Service-Oriented Architecture
Nan Li, Jianzhong Cha, Wensheng Xu

8. Taxonomy and Attributes of Business Collaborative Models: an Exploratory Study
JrJung Lyu, Ping-Shun Chen

9. Applying Petri Net to Analyze a Multi-Agent System Feasibility - a Process Mining Approach
C. Ou-Yang, Yeh-Chun Juan, C. S. Li

10. The Impact on Global Logistics Integration System to Concurrent Collaborative Process
Yao Chin Lin, Ping Heng Tsai

11. Using DEA and GA Algorithm for Finding an Optimal Design Chain Partner Combination
Chih-Ling Chuang, Tzu-An Chiang, Z. H. Che, H. S. Wang

12. Adaptive Architecture for Collaborative Environments
Youssef Roummieh, Parisa Ghodous

13. Conceptual Modeling of Design Chain Management towards Product Lifecycle Management
Wei Liu, Yong Zeng

14. Data Persistence in P2P Backup Systems
Rabih Naïm Tout, Parisa Ghodous, Aris Ouksel, Mihai Tanasoiu

15. Using DEA Approach to Develop the Evaluation and Priority Ranking Methodology of NPD Projects
Ling-Chen Hung, Tzu-An Chiang, Z. H. Che, H. S. Wang

16. An Exploration Study of Data-mining Driven PLM Implementation Approach
Chia-Ping Huang

17. Exploring the Links between Competitive Advantage and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Upgrade Decision: A Case Study Approach
Celeste See-Pui Ng, Pei-Chann Chang

18. Development of a Cost Estimating Framework for Nanotechnology Based Products
Yuchun Xu, Rajkumar Roy, Gianluca Cassaro, Jeremy Ramsden

19. An Analogy Based Estimation Framework for Design Rework Efforts
Panumas Arundacahawat, Rajkumar Roy, Ahmed Al-Ashaab

20. Greening Economy as a Key Solution to the Economic Crisis
Peter Yang, Injazz Chen

21. A Study on Evaluation of Environmental Effectiveness of Manufacturing Processes
Nozomu Mishima, Shinsuke Kondoh, Keijiro Masui, Masayoshi Yasuoka, Yuji Hotta, Koji Watari

22. Understanding the Waste Net: A Method for Waste Elimination Prioritization in Product Development
Marcus V. P. Pessôa, Warren Seering, Eric Rebentisch, Christoph Bauch

23. The Green Product Eco-design Approach and System Complying with Energy Using Products (EuP) Directive
Amy J.C. Trappey, Meng-Yu Chen, David W. Hsiao, Gilbert Y.P. Lin

24. Developing an ISO 14048-Based EuP Integrated Service Platform for Evaluating Environment Impacts and Supporting Eco-Design in Taiwan
Tzu-An Chiang, Hsing Hsu, Ping-Yu Chang, Hung-chia Wei

25. Systematic Lean Techniques for Improving Honeycomb Bonding Process
Chiun-Ming Liu, Min-Shu Chiang

26. Expanding Environmental Information Management: Meeting Future Requirements in the Electronics Industry
Eric Simmon, John Messina

27. Rule-Based Recursive Selective Disassembly Sequence Planning for Green Design
Shana Smith, Wei-Hsiang Chen

28. Investigation on Evaluation of Design Decision for Door-Shaped Structure by Using Systematic Knowledge Analysis
Zone-Ching Lin, Chen-Hsing Cheng

29. Knowledge Extraction System from Reports in Fabrication Workshops
Kazuo Hiekata, Hiroyuki Yamato, Sho Tsujimoto

30. Knowledge Based Sales Forecasting Model for Non-linear Trend Products
Kenji Tanaka, Hideaki Miyata, Shoji Takechi

31. A Negotiation Strategy of Collaborative Maintenance Chain and Its Multi-Agent System Design and Development
Amy J.C. Trappey, Wei-Chun Ni, Chun-Yi Wu

32. Develop Non-Exhaustive Overlapping Partitioning Clustering for Patent Analysis Based on the Key Phrases Extracted Using Ontology Schema and Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory
Amy J.C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey, Chun-Yi Wu

33. Performance Evaluation for an ERP System in Case of System Failures
Shin-Guang Chen

34. An Approach Based on Rough Sets Theory to Design Space Exploration of Complex Systems
Xue Zheng Chu, Liang Gao, Mi Xiao, Wei Dong Li, Hao Bo Qiu

35. The Set-Based Multi-Objective Satisfactory Design for the Initial Design with Uncertainties in Collaborative Engineering
Masato Inoue, Yoon-Eui Nahm, Haruo Ishikawa

36. Minimizing Makespan for Server Testing with Limited Resource
Ping-Yu Chang, Ya-Ting Hsu, Chin-An Cheng

37. Exchange of Heterogeneous Feature Data in Concurrent Engineering and Collaborative Design Environments
Zhiyong Huang, Fazhi He, Xiaoxia Li, Xiantao Cai, Huajun Liu

38. An Ergonomic Assembly Workstation Design Using Axiomatic Design Theory
Xiaoyong Wang, Dunbing Tang, Peihuang Lou

39. Heterogeneous Material-Based Biomedical Product Development
W.D. Li, L. Gao, D.B. Tang, K. Popplewell

40. Research on Variable Parameter Set in Complex Multi-Domain Physical System and Its Repeatedly Simulating Arithmetic
Renwang Li, YiZhong Wu, Liang Gao, Zhansi Jiang, Zefei Zhu

41. Two Stage Ant Coordination Mechanisms for Sequencing Problem in a Mixed Model Assembly Line
Qiong Zhu, Jie Zhang

42. A Study of Design by Customers: Areas of Application
Risdiyono Risdiyono, Pisut Koomsap

43. Dual Lines Extraction for Identifying Single Line Drawing from Paper-Based Overtraced Freehand Sketch
Natthavika Chansri, Pisut Koomsap

44. A Formal Representation of Technical Systems
Baiquan Yan, Yong Zeng

45. Design Knowledge Assets Management with Visual Design Progress and Evaluation
Gundong Francis Pahng, Mathew Wall

46. Product Redesign Using TRIZ and Contradictive Information from the Taguchi Method
Ying-Ting Shen, Shana Smith

47. Toward Full Coverage UHF RFID Services - An Implementation in Ubiquitous Exhibition Service
Tung-Hung Lu, Li-Dien Fu

48. Building a RFID Anti-Collision Environment for Conference and Exhibition Industry
Min-Hsien Weng, Chih-Wei Chao, Kuo-Shu Luo, Li-Dien Fu, Tung-Hung Lu

49. Networking Dual-Pair-Tele-Paths for Logistic and Parking Structures with RFID Applications
Li-Yen Hsu

50. Applying RFID to Picking Operation in Warehouses
Kai-Ying Chen, Yu-Feng Hwang, Mu-Chen Chen

51. POC of RFID Application in Forest Sample Zone Investigation
Shiang-Shin Lin, Teh-Chang Wu, Jenn-Sheng Wu, Yi-Ping Huang, Ming-Hsiung Chang, Sheng-Wei Fan, Jiun-Jiue Liao

52. Cost Reduction of Public Transportation Systems with Information Visibility Enabled by RFID Technology
Shuo-Yan Chou, Yulia Ekawati

53. Modeling and Solving the Collaborative Supply Chain Planning Problems
Y. T. Chen, Z. H. Che, Tzu-An Chiang, C. J. Chiang, Zhen-Guo Che

54. A Bi-objective Model for Concurrent Planning of Supplier Selection and Assembly Sequence Planning
Y. Y. Lin, Z. H. Che, Tzu-An Chiang, Zhen-Guo Che, C. J. Chiang

55. Automobile Manufacturing Logistic Service Management and Decision Support Using Classification and Clustering Methodologies
Charles V. Trappey, Amy J.C. Trappey, Ashley Y.L. Huang, Gilbert Y.P. Lin

56. Lead Time Reduction by Extended MPS System in the Supply Chain
JrJung Lyu, Hwan-Yann Su

57. A Multi-Product EPQ Model with Discrete Delivery Order: A Langrangean Solution Approach
Gede Agus Widyadanaa, Hui Ming Wee

58. A Case Study on Impact Factors of Retailing Implementing CPFR - A Fuzzy AHP analysis
Hsin-Pin Fu, Sheng-Wei Lin, Chi-Ren Chen

59. Autonomous Capacity Planning by Negotiation against Demand Uncertainty
Shih-Min Wang, Kung-Jeng Wang

60. A Negotiation-Based Approach to Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling Problems in a Fully Distributed Environment
K. Robert Lai, Bo-Ruei Kao

61. Environmental Transparency of Food Supply Chains - Current Status and Challenges
Nel Wognum, Harry Bremmers

62. Multi-Product Min-Cost Recycling Network Flow Problem
Chiao-Lin Deng, Chun-Mao Shao

63. Applying RFM Model and K-Means Method in Customer Value Analysis of an Outfitter
Hsin-Hung Wu, En-Chi Chang, Chiao-Fang Lo

64. An Investigation of Community Response to Urban Traffic Noise
Ghorbanali Mohammadi

65. A Market Segmentation System for Consumer Electronics Industry Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Honey Bee Mating Optimization
Chui-Yu Chiu, I-Ting Kuo, Po-Chia Chen

66. Why the Big Three Decline Despite Their Lean Management - A Study Based on the Theory of Constraints
Simon Wu, Hui Ming Wee

67. The Business Data Integrity Risk Management Model: A Benchmark Data Center Case of IT Service Firm
M. K. Chen, Shih-Ching Wang

68. The Key Dimensions for Information Service Industry in Entering Global Market: A Fuzzy-Delphi & AHP Approach
M. K. Chen, Shih-Ching Wang

69. Problem-Based Construction of Engineering Curricula for Multidisciplinary and Concurrent Engineering Practice
Gloria Lucía Giraldo, German Urrego-Giraldo

70. Competences Supported on Thematic Contents for Evaluation of Curricula Aiming to Concurrent Engineering
German Urrego-Giraldo, Gloria Lucía Giraldo

71. Predicting the Yield Rate of DRAM Modules by Support Vector Regression
Shih-Wei Lin, Shih-Chieh Chen

72. Reflective Concurrent Engineering – 3rd Generation CE
Shuichi Fukuda

73. The Study of Autonomous Negotiation System Based on Auction Enabled Intelligent Agent – Using Parking Tower Asset Maintenance as Case Example
Yu-Lin Liu, David W. Hsiao, Amy J.C. Trappey

74. KBE and Manufacturing Constraints Management
Richard Curran, Wim J.C. Verhagen, Ton H. Laan, Michel Tooren

75. Manufacturing Cost Contingency Management: Part a) Methodology Development
Richard Curran, Marc Gilmour, C. McAlleenan, P. Kelly

76. Manufacturing Cost Contingency Management: Part b) Application and Validation
Richard Curran, Marc Gilmour, C. McAlleenan, P. Kelly

77. Systems Engineering Methodology for Concurrent Engineering Education
Richard Curran, Michel Tooren, Liza Dijk

78. Creating Value by Measuring Collaboration Alignment of Strategic Business Processes
Frank Zwan, Sicco Santema, Richard Curran

79. Drivers of Customer Satisfaction in a Project-Oriented, Business-to-Business Market Environment: An Empirical Study
Wim J.C. Verhagen, Wouter W.A. Beelaerts van Blokland, Richard Curran

80. Development of a Web-Based Mass Customization Platform for Bicycle Customization Services
Tung-Hung Lu, Amy J.C. Trappey

81. A Manufacturing Grid Architecture Based on Jini and SORCER
Wensheng Xu, Jianzhong Cha

82. Minding the Gap Between First and Continued Usage: An Empirical Study of the Implementation of a Corporate e-Learning English-Language Program at a Financial Firm in Taiwan
Tainyi (Ted) Luor, Hsi-Peng Lu, Robert E. Johanson, Ling-Ling Wu

83. Web-Based Mechanism Design of 3C Plastic Parts with Knowledge Management
Wen-Ren Jong, Chun-Cheng Lin, Yu-Hong Ting, Chun-Hsien Wu, Tai-Chih Li

84. WIW - A Web-Based Information System for Profile of Wind
Wu Xiao Bing, Adans Iraheta Marroquín, Moacyr Fauth da Silva

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Engineering Design, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Automotive Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Industrial and Production Engineering

Publication year
Advanced Concurrent Engineering
Page amount
928 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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