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Rapid Modelling for Increasing Competitiveness

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Table of contents

I. Theory Pieces and Review

1. Managerial Decision Making and Lead Times: The Impact of Cognitive Illusions
Suzanne Treville, Ulrich Hoffrage, Jeffrey S. Petty

2. Queueing Networks Modeling Software for Manufacturing
Boualem Rabta, Arda Alp, Gerald Reiner

3. A Review of Decomposition Methods for Open Queueing Networks
Boualem Rabta

II. Modelling and Simulation

4. Parsimonious Modeling and Forecasting of Time Series drifted by Autoregressive Noise
Akram M. Chaudhry

5. Forecast of the Traffic and Performance Evaluation of the BMT Container Terminal (Bejaia’s Harbor)
Djamil Aïssani, Smail Adjabi, M. Cherfaoui, T. Benkhellat, N. Medjkoune

6. A Dynamic Forecasting and Inventory Management Evaluation Approach
Johannes Fichtinger, Yvan Nieto, Gerald Reiner

7. Performance Evaluation of Process Strategies Focussing on Lead Time Reduction Illustrated with an Existing Polymer Supply Chain
Dominik Gläßer, Yvan Nieto, Gerald Reiner

8. A Framework for Economic and Environmental Sustainability and Resilience of Supply Chains
Heidrun Rosič, Gerhard Bauer, Werner Jammernegg

9. An Integrative Approach To Inventory Control
Philip Hedenstierna, Per Hilletofth, Olli-Pekka Hilmola

10. Rapid Modeling of Express Line Systems for Improving Waiting Processes
Noémi Kalló, Tamás Koltai

11. Integrating Kanban Control with Advance Demand Information: Insights from an Analytical Model
Ananth Krishnamurthy, Deng Ge

12. Rapid Modelling in Manufacturing System Design Using Domain Specific Simulators
Doug Love, Peter Ball

13. The Best of Both Worlds - Integrated Application of Analytic Methods and Simulation in Supply Chain Management
Reinhold Schodl

14. Rapid Modeling In A Lean Context
Nico J. Vandaele, Inneke Nieuwenhuyse

III. Case Study and Action Research

15. The Impact of Lean Management on Business Level Performance and Competitiveness
Krisztina Demeter, Dávid Losonci, Zsolt Matyusz, István Jenei

16. Reducing Service Process Lead-Time Through Inter-Organisational Process Coordination
Henri Karppinen, Janne Huiskonen

17. Is There a Relationship Between VC Firm Business Process Flow Management and Investment Decisions?
Jeffrey S. Petty, Gerald Reiner

18. What Causes Prolonged Lead-Times in Courts of Law?
Petra Pekkanen, Henri Karppinen, Timo Pirttilä

19. Logistics Clusters - How Regional Value Chains Speed Up Global Supply Chains
Ralf Elbert, Robert Schönberger

IV. Survey and Longitudinal Research

20. Measuring the Effects of Improvements in Operations Management
Vedran Capkun, Ari-Pekka Hameri, Lawrence A. Weiss

21. Managing Demand Through the Enablers of Flexibility: The Impact of Forecasting and Process Flow Management
Matteo Kalchschmidt, Yvan Nieto, Gerald Reiner

22. Threats of Sourcing Locally Without a Strategic Approach: Impacts on Lead Time Performances
Ruggero Golini, Matteo Kalchschmidt

23. Improving Lead Times Through Collaboration With Supply Chain Partners: Evidence From Australian Manufacturing Firms
Prakash J. Singh

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Simulation and Modeling, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

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330 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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