Xu, Xun

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP

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Table of contents

1. STEP in a Nutshell
Thomas Kramer, Xun Xu

2. Feature-based Process Planning Based on STEP
Thomas Kramer, Frederick Proctor

3. A Heuristic STEP-NC Based Process Planning Tool for Sequencing NC Machining Operations
Ulrich Berger, Ralf Kretzschmann, Klaus-Peter Arnold

4. STEPNC++ – An Effective Tool for Feature-based CAM/CNC
John Michaloski, Thomas Kramer, Frederick Proctor, Xun Xu, Sid Venkatesh, David Odendahl

5. A STEP-Compliant Approach to Turning Operations
Yusri Yusof, Keith Case

6. Circular Sawblade Stone Cutting Technology Based on STEP-NC
Julio Garrido Campos

7. Open Platform Development for STEP-compliant CNC
Tianliang Hu, Chengrui Zhang, Riliang Liu, Lin Yang

8. STEP-NC in Support of Machining Process Optimization
Liangji Xu

9. Achieving a STEP-NC Enabled Advanced NC Programming Environment
Matthieu Rauch, Raphael Laguionie, Jean-Yves Hascoet

10. STEP-compliant CNC Systems, Present and Future Directions
Van Khai Nguyen, John Stark

11. Standardised Process Control System for CNC Manufacturing
Sanjeev Kumar, Stephen T. Newman

12. A STEP-NC Compliant Methodology for Modelling Manufacturing Resources
Aydin Nassehi, Parag Vichare

13. Development of Digital Semantic Machining Models for STEP-NC Based on STEP Technology
Fumiki Tanaka, Makoto Yamada, Satoshi Mitsui, Takeshi Kishinami, Kiyoshi Akama, Tsukasa Kondo, Masahiko Onosato

14. Development of a STEP-NC Network Management Protocol for Decentralized Manufacturing
Francesco Calabrese, Amedeo Buonanno

15. A Generic Product Modelling Framework for Rapid Development of Customised Products
Shane Q. Xie, Wan-Lin Chen

16. STEP in the Context of Product Data Management
Vijay Srinivasan

17. STEP in the Context of PLM
Chandresh Mehta, Lalit Patil, Debasish Dutta

18. Usage of Agent Technology to Coordinate Data Exchange in the Extended Enterprise
Omar López-Ortega, Karla López de la Cruz

19. An XML Implementation for Data Exchange of Heterogeneous Object Models
X. Y. Kou, S. T. Tan

20. Module-based Platform for Seamless Interoperable CAD-CAM-CNC Planning
Christian Brecher, Wolfram Lohse, Mirco Vitr

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

Publication year
Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing
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505 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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