Latorre, Pedro M.

New Trends on Human-Computer Interaction

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Table of contents

2. An Automatic Rule-Based Translation System to Spanish Sign Language (LSE)
Sandra Baldassarri, Francisco Royo-Santas

3. Influence of Binocular Disparity in Depth Perception Mechanisms in Virtual Environments
Matthieu Poyade, Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona, Raquel Viciana-Abad

4. Semantic Web Interfaces for Newspaper Multimedia Content Management
Ferran Perdrix, Roberto García, Rosa Gil, Marta Oliva, José A. Macías

5. Designing an Interactive Installation for Children to Experience Abstract Concepts
Anna Carreras, Narcís Parés

6. Design of Videogames in Special Education
J.L. González Sánchez, M.J. Cabrera, F.L. Gutiérrez, N. Padilla Zea, P. Paderewski

7. The InterMod Methodology: An Interface Engineering Process Linked with Software Engineering Stages
Begoña Losada, Maite Urretavizcaya, Isabel Fernández-Castro

8. Designing more Usable Business Models into the RUP
William J. Giraldo, Manuel Ortega, Cesar A. Collazos, Toni Granollers

9. A Review of Notations for Conceptual Modeling of Groupware Systems
Ana I. Molina, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega

10. Conceptual and Practical Framework for the Integration of Multimodal Interaction in 3D Worlds
Héctor Olmedo-Rodríguez, David Escudero-Mancebo, Valentín Cardeñoso-Payo, César González-Ferreras, Arturo González-Escribano

11. Designing User Interfaces for Collaborative Applications: A Model-Based Approach
María Luisa Rodríguez, José Luis Garrido, María Visitación Hurtado, Manuel Noguera, Miguel J. Hornos

12. Evaluation of Text Input Techniques in Immersive Virtual Environments
Gabriel González, José P. Molina, Arturo S. García, Diego Martínez, Pascual González

13. Dealing with Abstract Interaction Modeling in an MDE Development Process: A Pattern-Based Approach
Francisco Valverde, Ignacio Panach, Nathalie Aquino, Oscar Pastor

14. WebA Mobile (Web Analysis Mobile): Assistance Tool for the Design and Evaluation of Websites for Mobile Devices
Luis Mena Tobar, Pedro Latorre Andrés, Elena Lafuente Lapena

15. Requirement Gathering Templates for Groupware Applications
Victor M.R. Penichet, Maria D. Lozano, José A. Gallud, Ricardo Tesoriero

16. Emotional Speech Synthesis in Spanish for Natural Interaction
Sandra Baldassarri, Eva Cerezo, David Anaya

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Multimedia Information Systems, Software Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

Publication year
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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