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Ryan's Ballistic Trauma

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Table of contents

1. A Personal View
James M. Ryan

2. A Personal Experience
Damian Douglas Keene

3. The War in West Philadelphia
John P. Pryor

4. How Guns Work
Mark Byers, Kerry Starkey, Peter F. Mahoney

5. The Effects of Bullets
Donald H. Jenkins

6. Bombs, Mines, and Fragmentation
Toney W. Baskin, John B. Holcomb

7. Cluster Munitions
Henry Dowlen

8. Shaped Charges and Explosively Formed Projectiles
Jonathan Morrison, Peter F. Mahoney

9. Suicide Bombs
Piers R. J. Page, Ian Greaves

10. Blast Injury
Emrys Kirkman, Neal Jacobs, Giles R. Nordmann, Stuart Harrisson, Peter F. Mahoney, Sarah Watts

11. Ballistic Protection
Alan Hepper, Daniel Longhurst, Graham Cooper, Philip Gotts

12. Forensic Aspects of Ballistic Injury
Jeanine Vellema, Hendrik Scholtz

13. Civilian Trauma Systems
Jason Smith

14. The UK Military Trauma System
Timothy J. Hodgetts

15. Triage
Rob Russell

16. Prehospital Care
Mark Byers, John-Joe Reilly, Peter F. Mahoney

17. Emergency Department Management
Jason Smith

18. Imaging Triage for Ballistic Trauma
Jon David Simmons, Tracy R. Bilski

19. Damage Control Resuscitation
Adam J. Brooks, Bryan A. Cotton

20. Battlefield Analgesia
Aaron D. Nelson, Dominic J. Aldington

21. Anesthesia for the Ballistic Casualty
Craig C. McFarland

22. Regional Anesthesia for the Ballistic Trauma Victim
Dan Connor

23. Damage Control Surgery: Concepts
Mark J. Midwinter, Adam J. Brooks

24. Management of Ballistic Trauma to the Head
Geoffrey S. F. Ling, Chris J. Neal, James M. Ecklund

25. Spinal Injury
Neil Buxton

26. Eyes
Robert A. H. Scott

27. Maxillofacial Ballistic Injuries
Andrew Martin Monaghan

28. Neck Injury
Matthew J. Borkon, Bryan A. Cotton

29. Damage Control
Benjamin Braslow, Adam J. Brooks, C. William Schwab

30. Management of Vascular Trauma
Kate Brown, Nigel Tai

31. Damage Control Part III: Definitive Reconstruction
Steven R. Allen, Adam J. Brooks, Patrick M. Reilly, Bryan A. Cotton

32. Penetrating Genitourinary Trauma
Jay J. Doucet, David B. Hoyt

33. Burns
Alan Kay

34. Management of Extremity Injuries
David E. Hinsley, Jon Clasper

35. Ballistic Trauma in Children
Graeme Pitcher

36. Ballistic Trauma in Pregnancy
Michael J. Socher, Peter E. Nielsen

37. Managing Ballistic Injury in the NGO Environment
Ari K. Leppäniemi

38. Critical Care for Ballistic Trauma in Austere Environments
Christian B. Swift, Geoffrey S. F. Ling

39. Transfer and Evacuation
Robert D. Tipping, Jonathan Vollam

40. Critical Care Management: The Patient with Ballistic Trauma
Tim Nutbeam, Damian Douglas Keene

41. Critical Care Nursing at Role Four
Clare Dutton

42. The Role of Nutrition in the Treatments of Injured Military Personnel
Susan Duff, Susan Price, Jennifer Gray

43. Role 4 and Reconstruction
Steven L. A. Jeffery, Keith Porter

44. Conflict Rehabilitation
John Etherington

45. Have You Read MASH?
Peter F. Mahoney

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Traumatic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Surgical Orthopedics, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

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