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Enterprise Interoperability: Interoperability for Agility, Resilience and Plasticity of Collaborations (I-ESA 14 Proceedings)

Archim?de, Bernard - Enterprise Interoperability: Interoperability for Agility, Resilience and Plasticity of Collaborations (I-ESA 14 Proceedings), ebook


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Enterprises and organizations of any kind embedded in today'seconomic environment are deeply dependent on their ability to takepart in collaborations. Consequently, it is strongly required forthem to get actively involved for their own benefit in emerging,potentially opportunistic collaborative enterprise networks. Theconcept of “interoperability” has been defined byINTEROP-VLab as “The ability of an enterprise system orapplication to interact with others at a low cost in a flexibleapproach”. Consequently, interoperability of organizationsappears as a major issue to succeed in building on the fly emergingenterprise networks.

The International Conference on Interoperability for EnterpriseSystems and Applications (I-ESA 2014) was held under the motto“interoperability for agility, resilience and plasticity ofcollaborations” on March 26-28, 2014 and organized by theEcole des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux, France on behalf of theEuropean Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability(INTEROP-VLab).

On March 24-25, co-located with the conference eight workshopsand one doctoral symposium were held in four tracks complementingthe program of the I-ESA’14 conference. The workshops and thedoctoral symposium address areas of greatest current activityfocusing on active discussions among the leading researchers in thearea of Enterprise Interoperability. This part of the conferencehelps the community to operate effectively, building co-operativeand supportive international links as well as providing newknowledge of on-going research to practitioners. The workshops anddoctoral symposium aimed at exploiting new issues, challenges andsolutions for Enterprise Interoperability (EI) and associateddomains of innovation such as Smart Industry, Internet-Of-Things,Factories of the Future, EI Applications and Standardisation.

These proceedings include the short papers from theI-ESA’14 workshops and the doctoral symposium. The book issplit up into 9 sections, one for each workshop and one for thedoctoral symposium. All sections were organized following fourtracks: (1) EI and Future Internet / Factory of the Future; (2) EIApplication Domains and IT; (3) EI Standards; (4) EI DoctoralSymposium. For each section, a workshop report is providedsummarizing the content and the issues discussed during thesessions.

The goal of the first track was to offer a discussionopportunity on interoperability issues regarding the use ofInternet of Things on manufacturing environment (Workshops 1 and 3)on one hand, and regarding the potential of innovation derived fromthe use of digital methods, architectures and services such asSmart Networks (Workshops 2 and 4) on the other hand.  The second track focused on particular application domains that arelooking for innovative solutions to support their strongcollaborative needs. Thus, the track developed one workshop on theuse of EI solution for Future City-Logistics (Workshop 5) and oneon the use of EI solutions for Crisis / Disaster Management(Workshop 6).  The third track studied the recent developmentsin EI standardization. Two workshops were dedicated to this issue.The first one has proposed to focus on the management ofstandardization (Workshop 8) and the second one has chosen to workon the new knowledge on standardization developments in themanufacturing service domain (Workshop 9).  The last track,the doctoral symposium presented research results from selecteddissertations. The session discussed EI knowledge issues, notablyin terms of gathering through social networks or Internet of Thingsand of exploitation through innovative decision supportsystems.

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