Chou, Shuo-Yan

Collaborative Product and Service Life Cycle Management for a Sustainable World

Chou, Shuo-Yan - Collaborative Product and Service Life Cycle Management for a Sustainable World, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Distributed Collaborative Layout Design in Service-Oriented Architecture
Nan Li, Jianzhong Cha, Yiping Lu, Jia-qing Yu

2. Resolving Collaborative Design Conflicts Through an Ontology-based Approach
Moisés Dutra, Parisa Ghodous, Ricardo Gonçalves

3. Creating Value Within and Between European Regions in the Photovoltaic Sector
Gudrun Jaegersberg, Jenny Ure

4. Agent-based Collaborative Maintenance Chain for Engineering Asset Management
Amy J. C. Trappey, David W. Hsiao, Lin Ma, Yu-Liang Chung, Yong-Lin Kuo

5. Research on the Distributed Concurrent and Collaborative Design Platform Architecture Based on SOA
Jia-qing Yu, Jian-zhong Cha, Yi-ping Lu, Nan Li

6. Collaborative Architecture Based on Web-Services
Olivier Kuhn, Moisées Lima Dutra, Parisa Ghodous, Thomas Dusch, Pierre Collet

7. From Internet to Cross-Organisational Networking
Lutz Schubert, Alexander Kipp, Stefan Wesner

8. Grid-based Virtual Collaborative Facility: Concurrent and Collaborative Engineering for Space Projects
Stefano Beco, Andrea Parrini, Carlo Paccagnini, Fred Feresin, Arne Tøn, Rolf Lervik, Mike Surridge, Rowland Watkins

9. Cost CENTRE-ing: An Agile Cost Estimating Methodology for Procurement
R. Curran, P. Watson, P Hawthorne, S Cowan

10. Cost of Physical Vehicle Crash Testing
Paul Baguley, Rajkumar Roy, James Watson

11. Estimating Cost at the Conceptual Design Stage to Optimize Design in terms of Performance and Cost
Mohammad Saravi, Linda Newnes, Antony Roy Mileham, Yee Mey Goh

12. Design for Sound Transmission Loss through an Enclosure of a Generator Set
Matthew Cassidy, Richard Gault, Richard Cooper, Jian Wang

13. Design Tool Methodology for Simulation of Enclosure Cooling Performance
Richard Gault, Richard Cooper, Jian Wang, Graham Collin

14. Using Virtual Engineering Techniques to Aid with Design Trade-Off Studies for an Enclosed Generator Set
Richard Gault, Richard Cooper, Jian Wang, Srinivasan Raghunathan, Graeme Mawhinney

15. Sound Transmission Loss of Movable Double-leaf Partition Wall
Jian Chen, Jian Wang, Gerard Muckian

16. Modelling Correlated and Uncorrelated Sound Sources
Mark Boyle, Richard Gault, Richard Cooper, Jian Wang

17. Backup Scheduling in Clustered P2P Network
Rabih Tout, Nicolas Lumineau, Parisa Ghodous, Mihai Tanasoiu

18. Towards an Intelligent CAD Models Sharing Based on Semantic Web Technologies
Samer Abdul-Ghafour, Parisa Ghodous, Behzad Shariat, Eliane Perna

19. Towards a Multi-View Semantic Model for Product Feature Description
Patrick Hoffmann, Shaw C. Feng, Gaurav Ameta, Parisa Ghodous, Lihong Qiao

20. Development of a Lightweight Knowledge Based Design System as a Business Asset to Support Advanced Fixture and Tooling Design
Nicholas Reed, James Scanlan, Steven Halliday

21. Near Net-shape Manufacturing Costs
Stuart Jinks, J Scanlan, S Wiseall

22. Modelling the Life Cycle Cost of Aero-engine Maintenance
James S. Wong, James P. Scanlan, Murat H. Eres

23. Value Driven Design — an Initial Study Applied to Novel Aerospace Components in Rolls-Royce plc
Julie Cheung, James Scanlan, Steve Wiseall

24. A Generic Life Cycle Cost Modeling Approach for Aircraft System
Yuchun Xu, Jian Wang, Xincai Tan, Ricky Curran, Srinivasan Raghunathan, John Doherty, Dave Gore

25. Cost-Efficient Materials in Aerospace: Composite vs Aluminium
X Tan, J Wang, Y Xu, R Curran, S Raghunathan, D Gore, J Doherty

26. A Multi-Fidelity Approach for Supporting Early Aircraft Design Decisions
John J Doherty, Stephen R H Dean, Paul Ellsmore, Andrew Eldridge

27. Cost Modelling of Composite Aerospace Parts and Assemblies
R Curran, M Mullen, N Brolly, M Gilmour, P Hawthorne, S Cowan

28. A Design Methodology for Module Interfaces
Régis Kovacs Scalice, Luiz Fernando Segalin Andrade, Fernando Antonio Forcellini

29. Reducing the Standard Deviation When Integrating Process Planning and Production Scheduling Through the Use of Expert Systems in an Agent-based Environment
Izabel Cristina Zattar, Joao Carlos Espindola Ferreira, Paulo Eduardo Albuquerque Botura

30. Extracting Variant Product Concepts Through Customer Involvement Model
Chao-Hua Wang, Shou-Yan Chou

31. QFD and CE as Methodologies for a Quality Assurance in Product Development
Kazuo Hatakeyama, José Ricardo Alcântara

32. Integration of Privilege Management Infrastructure and Workflow Management Systems
Wensheng Xu, Jianzhong Cha, Yiping Lu

33. A Comparative Analysis of Project Management Information Systems to Support Concurrent Engineering
Camila Araujo, Daniel Capaldo Amaral

34. Location-Aware Tour Guide Systems in Museum
Chih-Yung Tsai, Shuo-Yan. Chou, Shih-Wei. Lin

35. PDM — University Student Monitoring Management System
Jožef Duhovnik, Žiga Zadnik

36. Multidisciplinary Design of Flexible Aircraft
Haroon Awais Baluch, Michel Tooren

37. Service Oriented Concurrent Engineering with Hybrid Teams using a Multi-agent Task Environment
Jochem Berends, Michel Tooren

38. Systems Engineering and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization
Michel Tooren, Gianfranco Rocca

39. Application of a Knowledge Engineering Process to Support Engineering Design Application Development
S. W. G. Elst, M. J. L. Tooren

40. Knowledge Based Optimization of the Manufacturing Processes Supported by Numerical Simulations of Production Chain
Lukasz Rauch, Lukasz Madej, Pawel J. Matuszyk

41. Characterization of the Products Strategic Planning: a Survey in Brazil
Alexandre Moeckel, Fernando Antonio Forcellini

42. Using Ontologies to Optimise Design-Driven Development Processes
Wolfgang Mayer, Arndt Mühlenfeld, Markus Stumptner

43. CAD Education Support System Based on Workflow
Kazuo Hiekata, Hiroyuki Yamato, Piroon Rojanakamolsan

44. Configuration Grammars: Powerful Tools for Product Modelling in CAD Systems
Egon Ostrosi, Lianda Haxhiaj, Michel Ferney

45. A Semantic Based Approach for Automatic Patent Document Summarization
Amy J. C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey, Chun-Yi Wu

46. Develop a Formal Ontology Engineering Methodology for Technical Knowledge Definition in R&D Knowledge Management
Ching-Jen Huang, Amy J. C. Trappey, Chun-Yi Wu

47. Ontologia PLM Project: Development and Preliminary Results
Carla Cristina Amodio, Carlos Cziulik, Cássia Ugaya, Ederson Fernandes, Fábio Siqueira, Henrique Rozenfeld, José Ricardo Tobias, Kássio Santos, Marcio Lazzari, Milton Borsato, Paulo Bernaski, Rodrigo Juliano, Simone Branício

48. Modelling and Management of Design Artefacts in Design Optimisation
Arndt Mühlenfeld, Franz Maier, Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner

49. A Quantitative Metric for Workstation Design for Aircraft Assembly
Yan Jin, Ricky Curran, Joseph Butterfield, Robert Burke

50. An Integrated Lean Approach to Aerospace Assembly Jig and Work Cell Design Using Digital Manufacturing.
J. Butterfield, A. McClean, Y. Yin, R. Curran, R. Burke, Brian Welch, C. Devenny

51. The Effect of Using Animated Work Instructions Over Text and Static Graphics When Performing a Small Scale Engineering Assembly
Gareth Watson, Ricky Curran, Joe Butterfield, Cathy Craig

52. Digital Lean Manufacture (DLM): A New Management Methodology for Production Operations Integration
R. Curran, R. Collins, G. Poots, T. Edgar, C. Higgins, J. Butterfield

53. Simulation of Component Reuse Focusing on the Variation in User Preference
Shinsuke Kondoh, Toshitake Tateno, Nozomu Mishima, Mitsutaka Matsumoto

54. Evaluation of Environmental Loads Based on 3D-CAD
Masato Inoue, Yumiko Takashima, Haruo Ishikawa

55. Proposal of a Methodology Applied to the Analysis and Selection of Performance Indicators for Sustainability Evaluation Systems
Juliano Bezerra Araujo, João Fernando Gomes Oliveira

56. Ocean Wave Energy Systems Design: Conceptual Design Methodology for the Operational Matching of the Wells Air Turbine
R. Curran

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Engineering Design, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Traffic, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Industrial and Production Engineering

Publication year
Advanced Concurrent Engineering
Page amount
643 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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