Zhang, Jiujun

PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts and Catalyst Layers

Zhang, Jiujun - PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts and Catalyst Layers, ebook


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Table of contents

1. PEM Fuel Cell Fundamentals
Xiao-Zi Yuan, Haijiang Wang

2. Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Chaojie Song, Jiujun Zhang

3. Electrocatalytic H2 Oxidation Reaction
Hui Li, Kunchan Lee, Jiujun Zhang

4. Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol, Ethanol and Formic Acid
El?d Gyenge

5. Application of First Principles Methods in the Study of Fuel Cell Air-Cathode Electrocatalysis
Zheng Shi

6. Catalyst Contamination in PEM Fuel Cells
Hui Li, Chaojie Song, Jianlu Zhang, Jiujun Zhang

7. PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers and MEAs
Pei Kang Shen

8. Catalyst Layer Modeling: Structure, Properties and Performance
Michael H. Eikerling, Kourosh Malek, Qianpu Wang

9. Catalyst Synthesis Techniques
Christina Bock, Helga Halvorsen, Barry MacDougall

10. Physical Characterization of Electrocatalysts
Shijun Liao, Baitao Li, Yingwei Li

11. Electrochemical Methods for Catalyst Activity Evaluation
Zhigang Qi

12. Combinatorial Methods for PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts
Hansan Liu, Jiujun Zhang

13. Platinum-based Alloy Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells
Hansan Liu, Dingguo Xia, Jiujun Zhang

14. Nanotubes, Nanofibers and Nanowires as Supports for Catalysts
Xueliang (Andy) Sun, Madhu Sudan Saha

15. Non-noble Electrocatalysts for the PEM Fuel Cell Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Kunchan Lee, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Zhang

16. CO-tolerant Catalysts
Siyu Ye

17. Reversal-tolerant Catalyst Layers
Siyu Ye

18. High-temperature PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts and Catalyst Layers
Chaojie Song, Shiqiang (Rob) Hui, Jiujun Zhang

19. Conventional Catalyst Ink, Catalyst Layer and MEA Preparation
Huamin Zhang, Xiaoli Wang, Jianlu Zhang, Jiujun Zhang

20. Spray-based and CVD Processes for Synthesis of Fuel Cell Catalysts and Thin Catalyst Layers
Radenka Maric

21. Catalyst Layer/MEA Performance Evaluation
Jianlu Zhang, Jiujun Zhang

22. Catalyst Layer Composition Optimization
Wei Xing

23. Catalyst Layer Degradation, Diagnosis and Failure Mitigation
Jing Li

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Power Generation and Transmission, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Materials Science, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Renewable Energy Sources

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1158 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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