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Scar-Less Surgery

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Table of contents

1. Historical Perspectives of LESS and NOTES
Michael L. Blute, Soroush Rais-Bahrami, Lee Richstone

2. Overview: Rationale and Terminology
Hagop Sarkissian, Brian H. Irwin

3. Visualization Options
Prashanth P. Rao, Shashikant Mishra, Pradeep P. Rao

4. LESS: Ports and Instrumentation
Michael A. White, Robert J. Stein

5. Retraction Systems in Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery and NOTES
Melanie L. Hafford, Daniel J. Scott

6. Exit Strategies
Melissa S. Phillips, Jeffrey L. Ponsky

7. Mini-Laparoscopic Systems
John E. Humphrey, David Canes

8. Access: Transgastric
Bernard Dallemagne, Silvana Perretta, Michele Diana

9. Access: Transcolonic
Nitin Kumar, Christopher C. Thompson

10. Access: Transvaginal
Maria J. Ribal Caparros, Antonio Alcaraz Asensio

11. Access: Transvesical
Estevao Lima, Jorge Correia-Pinto

12. Access: Transumbilical
Abhay Rane, Riccardo Autorino

13. NOTES: Laboratory Work
Candace F. Granberg, Matthew T. Gettman

14. NOTES: Appendectomy
D. Nageshwar Reddy, G. Venkat Rao, Magnus Jayaraj Mansard

15. NOTES: Cholecystectomy (European Experience)
Silvana Perretta, Jacques Marescaux

16. NOTES: Cholecystectomy (U.S. Experience)
Saniea F. Majid, Bryan J. Sandler, Santiago Horgan

17. NOTES Gastrojejunostomy
Per-Ola Park, Maria Bergström

18. NOTES: Nephrectomy
Scott Leslie, Tania Gill, Mihir M. Desai

19. NOTES: Challenges
Oussama M. Darwish, Matthew J. Maurice, Lee E. Ponsky

20. LESS: Pyeloplasty
Sara L. Best, Jeffrey A. Cadeddu

21. LESS: Extirpative Renal Surgery Including Donor
Dennis J. Lee, Mihir M. Desai

22. LESS: Adrenal Surgery
Soroush Rais-Bahrami, Lee Richstone

23. LESS: Pelvic Reconstructive Urological Surgery
André Luis Castro Abreu, Monish Aron

24. LESS: Radical Prostatectomy
Humberto Kern Laydner, Jihad H. Kaouk

25. Single-Port Laparoscopy: Issues and Complications
Jay D. Raman

26. Robotic LESS Urological Surgery: Experience and Future Perspectives
Rakesh Vijay Khanna, Mihir M. Desai, Robert J. Stein

27. Future Perspectives on Scarless Surgery: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going
Alexander R. Aurora, Jeffrey L. Ponsky

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Urology/Andrology, Gastroenterology

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16 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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