Buma, Adriaan P. C. C. Hopperus

Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine

Buma, Adriaan P. C. C. Hopperus - Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Introduction: Players and Paradigms

1. Baghdad Christmas
David R. Steinbruner

2. New Paradigms: The Changed World Since 9/11
James M. Ryan

3. The World Seems to be Crumbling Around Us
David R. Steinbruner

4. The Spectrum of Conflict
Alan Hawley

5. The Players: Humanitarians, Militaries, Industry and Private Security Companies
M. Kett, A. van Tulleken, Martin C. M. Bricknell, T. Spicer, K. Morland, Bob Mark

6. Interfaces
David R. Steinbruner, Martin C. M. Bricknell, Robin Cordell, David C. Mcloughlin

7. Conflict and the Media
Daloni A. Carlisle

8. Remote Medicine
Steven A. Bland, Iain C. Grant, Sundeep Dhillon

II. Disasters, Public Health, and Populations

9. Disasters: An Overview1

Tony Redmond, Steven A. Bland

10. Responding to Acute Humanitarian Crises: Health Needs Assessment and Priorities for Intervention
Aroop Mozumder

11. The Military Approach to Medical Planning
Martin C.M. Bricknell

12. Health Risk Management Matrix: A Medical Planning Tool
Martin C. M. Bricknell, Gareth Moore

13. Surveillance and Control of Communicable Disease in Conflicts and Disasters
Tim Healing

14. Health Planning in Action: Rwanda Crisis
Alan Hawley

15. Health Planning in Action “Operation Phoenix”: A British Medical Aid Program to Sarajevo
Tony Redmond, John F. Navein

16. Health Care of Prisoners and Detainees
Maarten Hoejenbos, Adriaan Hopperus Buma

17. Populations and People
David R Steinbruner

III. Introduction: Living and Working

18. Getting There and Being Involved
David R. Steinbruner, Steve Mannion, David R. Steinbruner, Kenneth I. Roberts

19. Safety and Security
Garry M. Vardon-Smith, Kenneth I. Roberts, Kenneth I. Roberts, Bob Mark

20. Voices from the Field
Luke J. Staveley-Wadham, David R. Steinbruner

21. Applied Communications in Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine
John F. Navein, Simon J. O'Neill

22. Mental Health
Ian P. Palmer, Richard Williams, David Alexander, David R. Steinbruner

IV. Introduction: Hospitals and Health Systems

23. Conflict Recovery-Health Systems in Transition
James M Ryan

24. Eating an Elephant: Intervening in Hospitals, Pristina
Tony Redmond

25. Conflict Surgery: A Personal View

26. Military Health Services Support in Conflict
Martin C.M. Bricknell, Roderick J. Heatlie

27. Military Medical Assistance to Security Sector Reform
Martin C. M. Bricknell, D. F. Thompson

28. Hospital Blues
David R. Steinbruner

V. Introduction: Clinical Care

29. Trauma and Surgery
Walter Henny, Adriaan Hopperus Buma, Ralph de Wit, James M. Ryan, David G. Burris, Adam Brooks, Jan Roodenburg, Peter Dyer, Andrew Maas, Chris Bleeker

30. Acute Medical Problems
David G. Burris, Manolis Gavalas, Claire Walford, Shautek Nazeer

31. Women's Health
Charles Cox, Hervinder Kaur

32. Children's Health
M. Gavalas, S. Nazeer, Claire Walford, A. Christodoulides

33. Conflict, Terrorism, and Disasters: The Psychosocial Consequences for Children
Richard Williams, David Alexander

VI. Introduction: Resources

34. Materials and Information
James I D M Matheson, Adriaan Hopperus Buma

35. Rehabilitating Diagnostic Laboratories
Timothy Healing

36. Enablers and Confounders: Achieving the Mission
Ken Millar

37. Ministry Overlaps Within Health Sectors
Martin C. M. Bricknell, Donald F. Thompson

38. Accreditation in Field Medicine
Ken Millar

39. Humanitarian Work in the Era of Modernising Medical Careers
James I. D. M. Matheson

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Emergency Medicine, Traumatic Surgery, Surgical Orthopedics, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Nursing

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664 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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