Hammoud, Riad I.

Augmented Vision Perception in Infrared

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Table of contents

I. Infrared Signatures and Classification

1. Infrared Thermography for Land Mine Detection
Nguyen Trung Thành, Dinh Nho Hào, Hichem Sahli

2. Passive Polarimetric Information Processing for Target Classification
Firooz Sadjadi, Farzad Sadjadi

3. Vehicle Classification in Infrared Video Using the Sequential Probability Ratio Test
Mark W. Koch, Kevin T. Malone

II. Thermal Imagery & Vital Sign Detection

4. Multiresolution Approach for Noncontact Measurements of Arterial Pulse Using Thermal Imaging
Sergey Y. Chekmenev, Aly A. Farag, William M. Miller, Edward A. Essock, Aruni Bhatnagar

5. Coalitional Tracker for Deception Detection in Thermal Imagery
Jonathan Dowdall, Ioannis Pavlidis, Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis

6. Thermal Infrared Imaging in Early Breast Cancer Detection
Hairong Qi, Nicholas A. Diakides

III. Hyperspectral Imagery

7. Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Skin Tumor Detection
Seong G. Kong, Lae-Jeong Park

8. Spectral Screened Orthogonal Subspace Projection for Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
Stefan A. Robila

IV. Hyperspectral Imagery

9. Face Recognition in Low-Light Environments Using Fusion of Thermal Infrared and Intensified Imagery
Diego A. Socolinsky, Lawrence B. Wolff

10. Facial Expression Recognition in Nonvisual Imagery
Gustavo Olague, Riad Hammoud, Leonardo Trujillo, Benjamín Hernández, Eva Romero

5. Low-Resolution Object Detection in Airborne Infrared Videos

11. Runway Positioning and Moving Object Detection Prior to Landing
Rida Hamza, M Ibrahim Mohamed, Dinesh Ramegowda, Venkatagiri Rao

12. Moving Object Localization in Thermal Imagery by Forward-Backward Motion History Images
Zhaozheng Yin, Robert Collins

6. Multimodal Imagery Fusion for Human Localization and Tracking

13. Feature-Level Fusion for Object Segmentation Using Mutual Information
Vinay Sharma, James W. Davis

14. Registering Multimodal Imagery with Occluding Objects Using Mutual Information: Application to Stereo Tracking of Humans
Stephen Krotosky, Mohan Trivedi

15. Thermal-Visible Video Fusion for Moving Target Tracking and Pedestrian Motion Analysis and Classification
Yang Ran, Alex Leykin, Riad Hammoud

16. Multi Stereo-Based Pedestrian Detection by Daylight and Far-Infrared Cameras
Massimo Bertozzi, Alberto Broggi, Mirko Felisa, Stefano Ghidoni, Paolo Grisleri, Guido Vezzoni, Cristina Hilario Gómez, Mike Del Rose

VIII. Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Multiple People in Laser Scan

17. Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Multiple People in Laser Scan Frames
J. Cui, X. Song, H. Zhao, H. Zha, R. Shibasaki

18. On Boosted and Adaptive Particle Filters for Affine-Invariant Target Tracking in Infrared Imagery
Guoliang Fan, Vijay Venkataraman, Li Tang, Joseph P. Havlicek

Keywords: Computer Science, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics, Computational Intelligence

Publication year
Advances in Pattern Recognition
Page amount
497 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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