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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Overview
Glenn Parry, Andrew Graves

I. Industry Dynamics

2. The Evolution of Competition in the Automotive Industry
Matthias Holweg

3. Build-to-Order: Impacts, Trends and Open Issues
Andreas Reichhart, Matthias Holweg

4. Current Issues at OEMs and Suppliers
Alexandra Güttner, Thomas Sommer-Dittrich

5. Outsourcing: Management and Practice Within the Automotive Industry
Jens K. Roehrich

II. Modularity

6. An Overview of Modular Car Architecture: the OEMS Perspective on Why and How
Thomas Sommer-Dittrich, Philipp Gneiting

7. The Modular Body
Andreas Untiedt

8. Modular Concepts and the Design of the ModCar Body Shell
Maik Gude, Werner Hufenbach

9. Complexity Cost Management
J. Schaffer, H. Schleich

III. Collaboration

10. Key Principles of Flexible Production and Logistics Networks
Bernd Hellingrath

11. Collaborative Planning Processes
Jan-Gregor Fischer, Philipp Gneiting

12. Collaborative Execution Processes
Joerg Mandel

13. Functionalities of Supporting IT Systems: Current Situation, Future Requirements and Innovative Approaches
Jan-Gregor Fischer, Markus Witthaut, Michael Berger

14. Modelled Scenario Examples for Planning and Execution Processes
Stefanie Ost, Joerg Mandel

IV. Validation

15. A BTO Reference Model for High-Level Supply Chain Design
Katja Klingebiel

16. Rapid Supply Chain Design by Integrating Modelling Methods
Thomas Seidel

17. Moving Towards BTO – An Engine Case Study
Michael Toth, Thomas Seidel, Katja Klingebiel

18. How the Electro-Mechanical Valve Train Accelerates Logistics and Reduces Costs
Thomas Seidel, Thomas Huth

19. Network Design for Build-to-Order Automotive Production
Kati Brauer, Thomas Seidel

V. Implementation

20. Automotive e-hubs: Exploring Motivations and Barriers to Collaboration and Interaction
Mickey Howard, Richard Vidgen, Philip Powell

21. Automotive Supplier Park Strategies Supporting Build-to-Order
Joe Miemczyk, Mickey Howard

22. Managing the Transition to the “5-Day Car” in Europe
Gareth Stone, Andrew Graves, Valerie Crute

VI. The Road Ahead

23. The Road to the 5-Day Car
Glenn Parry, Andrew Graves


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