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Enterprise Interoperability III

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Table of contents

Part I. Business and Strategies, Cases

1. An Approach for the Evaluation of the Agility in the Context of Enterprise Interoperability
S. Izza, R. Imache, L. Vincent, Y. Lounis

2. Industrialization Strategies for Cross-organizational Information Intensive Services
Christoph Schroth

3. SME Maturity, Requirement for Interoperability
Gorka Benguria, Igor Santos

4. Information Security Problems and Needs in Healthcare — A Case Study of Norway and Finland vs Sweden
Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt, Eva Söderström

5. Impact of Application Lifecycle Management — A Case Study
J. Kääriäinen, A. Välimäki

Part II. Cross-organizational Collaboration and Cross-sectoral Processes

6. A Service-oriented Reference Architecture for Organizing Cross-Company Collaboration
Christoph Schroth

7. Patterns for Distributed Scrum — A Case Study
A. Välimäki, J. Kääriäinen

8. Understanding the Collaborative Workspaces
Gilles Gautier, Colin Piddington, Terrence Fernando

9. Models and Methods for Web-support of a Multi-disciplinary B2(B2B) Network
Heiko Weinaug, Markus Rabe

10. Platform Design for the B2(B2B) Approach
Michele Zanet, Stefano Sinatti

11. Trust and Security in Collaborative Environments
Peter Mihók, Jozef Bucko, Radoslav Delina, Dana Palová

12. Prototype to Support Morphism between BPMN Collaborative Process Model and Collaborative SOA Architecture Model
Jihed Touzi, Frederick Bénaben, Hervé Pingaud

13. Heterogeneous Domains’ e-Business Transactions Interoperability with the use of Generic Process Models
Sotirios Koussouris, George Gionis, Aikaterini Maria Sourouni, Dimitrios Askounis, Kostas Kalaboukas

14. Matching of Process Data and Operational Data for a Deep Business Analysis
Sylvia Radeschütz, Bernhard Mitschang, Frank Leymann

15. Methods for Design of Semantic Message-Based B2B Interaction Standards
Erwin Folmer, Joris Bastiaans

Part III. Service Design and Execution

16. An Adaptive Service-Oriented Architecture
Marcel Hiel, Hans Weigand, Willem-Jan Heuvel

17. FUSE: A Framework to Support Services Unified Process
Nicolaos Protogeros, Dimitrios Tektonidis, Androklis Mavridis, Christopher Wills, Adamantios Koumpis

18. Adopting Service Oriented Architectures Made Simple
L. Bastida, A. Berreteaga, I. Cañadas

19. Making Service-Oriented Java Applications Interoperable without Compromising Transparency
Sven Labey, Eric Steegmans

20. A Service Behavior Model for Description of Co-Production Feature of Services
Tong Mo, Xiaofei Xu, Zhongjie Wang

21. An Abstract Interaction Concept for Designing Interaction Behaviour of Service Compositions
Teduh Dirgahayu, Dick Quartel, Marten Sinderen

22. Preference-based Service Level Matchmaking for Composite Service
Ye Shiyang, Wei Jun, Huang Tao

23. Ontological Support in eGovernment Interoperability through Service Registries
Yannis Charalabidis

24. Towards Secured and Interoperable Business Services
A. Esper, L. Sliman, Y. Badr, F. Biennier

Part IV. Ontologyies and Semantics for Interoperability

25. Semantic Web Services based Data Exchange for Distributed and Heterogeneous Systems
Qingqing Wang, Xiaoping Li, Qian Wang

26. Ontology-driven Semantic Mapping
Domenico Beneventano, Nikolai Dahlem, Sabina Haoum, Axel Hahn, Daniele Montanari, Matthias Reinelt

27. Self-Organising Service Networks for Semantic Interoperability Support in Virtual Enterprises
Alexander Smirnov, Mikhail Pashkin, Nikolay Shilov, Tatiana Levashova

28. Semantic Service Matching in the Context of ODSOI Project
S. Izza, L. Vincent

29. Ontology-based Service Component Model for Interoperability of Service Systems
Zhongjie Wang, Xiaofei Xu

30. Supporting Adaptive Enterprise Collaboration through Semantic Knowledge Services
Keith Popplewell, Nenad Stojanovic, Andreas Abecker, Dimitris Apostolou, Gregoris Mentzas, Jenny Harding

Part V. Interoperability in Systems Engineering

31. Semantic Web Framework for Rule-Based Generation of Knowledge and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
Markus Rabe, Pavel Gocev

32. Semantic Interoperability Requirements for Manufacturing Knowledge Sharing
N. Chungoora, R. I. M. Young

33. Collaborative Product Development: EADS Pilot Based on ATHENA
Nicolas Figay, Parisa Ghodous

34. Contribution to Knowledge-based Methodology for Collaborative Process Definition: Knowledge Extraction from 6napse Platform
V. Rajsiri, A -M. Barthe, F. Bénaben, J -P. Lorré, H. Pingaud

35. SQFD: QFD-based Service Quality Assurance for the Lifecycle of Services
Shu Liu, Xiaofei Xu, Zhongjie Wang

36. Coevolutionary Computation Based Iterative Multi-Attribute Auctions
Lanshun Nie, Xiaofei Xu, Dechen Zhan

37. Knowledge Integration in Global Engineering
Reiner Anderl, Diana Völz, Thomas Rollmann

Part VI. Modelling and Meta-modelling Methods and Tools for Interoperability

38. A Framework for Executable Enterprise Application Integration Patterns
Thorsten Scheibler, Frank Leymann

39. Experiences of Tool Integration: Development and Validation
J -P. Pesola, J. Eskeli, P. Parviainen, R. Kommeren, M. Gramza

40. Interoperability — Network Systems for SMEs
Kai Mertins, Thomas Knothe, Frank-Walter Jäkel

41. Engineer to Order Supply Chain Improvement Based on the GRAI Meta-model for Interoperability: An Empirical Study
A. Errasti, R. Poler

42. Proposal for an Object Oriented Process Modeling Language
Reiner Anderl, Jens Malzacher, Jochen Raßler

43. Enterprise Modeling Based Application Development for Interoperability Problem Solving
Marija Jankovic, Zoran Kokovic, Vuk Ljubicic, Zoran Marjanovic, Thomas Knothe

44. IS Outsourcing Decisions: Can Value Modelling Be of Help?
Hans Weigand

45. Process Composition in Logistics: An Ontological Approach
A. Nicola, M. Missikoff, L. Tininini

46. Interoperability of Information Systems in Crisis Management: Crisis Modeling and Metamodeling
Sébastien Truptil, Frédérick Bénaben, Pierre Couget, Matthieu Lauras, Vincent Chapurlat, Hervé Pingaud

47. A Novel Pattern for Complex Event Processing in RFID Applications
Tao Ku, Yun Long Zhu, Kun Yuan Hu, Ci Xing Lv

Part VII. Architectures and Frameworks for Interoperability

48. Enterprise Architecture: A Service Interoperability Analysis Framework
J. Ullberg, R. Lagerström, P. Johnson

49. Logical Foundations for the Infrastructure of the Information Market
Michael Heather, David Livingstone, Nick Rossiter

50. Meeting the Interoperability Challenges of eTransactions among Heterogeneous Business Partners: The Advantages of Hybrid Architectural Approaches for the Integrating Middleware
G. Gionis, D. Askounis, S. Koussouris, F. Lampathaki

51. A Model-driven, Agent-based Approach for a Rapid Integration of Interoperable Services
Ingo Zinnikus, Christian Hahn, Klaus Fischer

52. BSMDR: A B/S UI Framework Based on MDR
Panxiang Zhang, Song He, Qing Wang, Huiyou Chang

53. A Proposal for Goal Modelling Using a UML Profile
Reyes Grangel, Ricardo Chalmeta, Cristina Campos, Ruth Sommar, Jean-Pierre Bourey


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