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Designing Inclusive Futures

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Table of contents

Part I. Understanding Users

1. Converting Disability Data into a Format Suitable for Estimating Design Exclusion
S. D. Waller, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

2. Using Constraints in the Understanding of the Interactions Between Products and Humans
A. J. Medland, B. J. Hicks, S. Gooch

3. User Involvement and User Data: A Framework to Help Designers to Select Appropriate Methods
J. Goodman-Deane, P. M. Langdon, S. Clarke, P. J. Clarkson

4. Engaging the Ageing: Designing Artefacts to Provoke Dialogue
S. J. Bowen, P. M. Chamberlain

5. Biomechanical Analysis of Opening Glass Jars: Using Kinematics
J. R. Fair, L. Bix, T. R. Bush

6. Building a Consumer Network to Engage Users with Disabilities
Y. M. Choi, D. Sabata, R. Todd, S. Sprigle

Part II. Inclusive Design

7. Help or Hindrance: The Use of Tools for Opening Packaging
A. Yoxall, J. Langley, J. Luxmoore, R. Janson, J. C. Taylor, J. Rowson

8. The Sound of Inclusion: A Case Study on Acoustic Comfort for All
A. Heylighen, G. Vermeir, M. Rychtáriková

9. Designing an Inclusive Pill Dispenser
H. Dong, N. Vanns

10. Prior Experience of Domestic Microwave Cooker Interfaces: A User Study
T. Lewis, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

11. Prior Experience and Intuitive Use: Image Schemas in User Centred Design
J. Hurtienne, K. Weber, L. Blessing

12. Sustaining Autonomous Living for Older People Through Inclusive Strategies for Home Appliance Design
M. Baskinger, B. Hanington

Part III. Computer Access and New Technologies

13. Investigating the Security-related Challenges of Blind Users on the Web
J. Holman, J. Lazar, J. Feng

14. Access Barriers to Wireless Technologies for People with Disabilities: Issues, Opportunities and Policy Options
P. M. A. Baker, N. W. Moon

15. Gaze Interaction with Virtual On-line Communities
R. Bates, H. O. Istance, S. Vickers

16. The Resolution Race: Perpetuating Inaccessible Computing
G. Hughes, P. Robinson

Part IV. Assistive Technology

17. A Case Study of Simulating HCI for Special Needs
P. Biswas, P. Robinson

18. User-led Design of Technology to Improve Quality of Life for People with Dementia
R. Orpwood, J. Chadd, D. Howcroft, A. Sixsmith, J. Torrington, G. Gibson, G. Chalfont

19. Photonote: The Making of a Classroom Adaptation System
G. Hughes, P. Robinson

20. FES Indoor Rowing and On-water Sculling
B. J. Andrews, D. Hettinga, R. Gibbons, S. Goodey, A. Poulton

21. Universal Access to Shopping: Apparel Acquisition Preferences for the Working Woman with Physical Disabilities
K. E. Carroll, D. H. Kincade

Part V. Inclusive Environments

22. Is Remodelled Extra Care Housing in England an Inclusive and ‘Care-neutral’ Solution?
R. E. Mayagoitia, E. Boxstael, H. Wojgani, F. Wright, A. Tinker, J. Hanson

23. Designing for an Ageing Population: Residential Preferences of the Turkish Older People to Age in Place
Y. Afacan

24. Universal Design Patterns and Their Use in Designing Inclusive Environments
H. Froyen

25. User Friendly Living Environmental Research and Design for Older People
J. Y. C. Kwok, K. C. H. Ng


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